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Friday, May 5th 2017

7:15am NDP Leader John Horgan: We sit down with the leader of the New Democrats with just days to go until British Columbia heads to the polls.


7:40am Thor’s Hammers: Fire up the mix tape! The gang is back for more interstellar adventures in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’ plus Thor drops the Hammers on the scathing British drama ‘I, Daniel Blake’.


8:20am Lord of the Ring…in more ways than one! We meet Joseph Dominic Bauer, Ringmaster of the Royal Canadian Family Circus and daredevil performer who gives us a preview of the many astounding acts that make up this spectacular show and tells us what it is like to both perform high above the circus floor and watch others risk it all.


8:40am Cinco De Mayo Myths Debunked: Think Cinco de Mayo is Mexican Independence Day and is the biggest celebration in Mexico? Rossana Ascencio joins us to debunk Cinco De Mayo myths and tell us the true history of the holiday as we make Molotes Poblanos.