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Friday, May 24th 2019

Hotel Vancouver’s 80th Birthday:  We’re taking you on a tour back in time at the historic hotel.


Do You Know ‘Dave’ From Vancouver Island?  What do you do when you want to find a person named ‘Dave’ from Vancouver Island that you met in Europe 50 years ago, but can’t remember his last name?  Andrea Macpherson tells us you take to social media!


Public Consultation On New Surrey Police Force:  A public consultation is now underway on the new Surrey Police force. But Tom Walsh tells us many people who live there say they have some major concerns.


When Crows Attack: Dive Bombing crows are back! Travis Prasad has a warning about the ‘helicopter parents’ protecting their young.


Vancouver Too Pricey To Live?  What kind of talent is Vancouver missing out on? David Zura tells us outrageous housing prices may be keeping many people away.


Thor’s Hammers: Aladdin:  Disney gives another of its animated classics the live action treatment; Thor reviews ‘Aladdin’.


Making Fibre Fun!  She makes healthy living fun. The world’s funniest home economist and Cityline “regular” Mairlyn Smith joins us with some fibre rich and fabulous salad ideas perfect for your next picnic or bbq from her new book Peace, Love & Fibre.


The Science Of Transcendental Meditation:  In ‘Strength in Stillness’, Bob Roth breaks down the science behind Transcendental Meditation in a new, accessible way. He highlights how TM is a an effective and efficient way to reduce stress, access inner power, and build resilience.