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Friday, March 22nd 2019

Can ‘Kater’ Solve Ride-Hailing Concerns? Ride-hailing will be available in the city of Vancouver by the end of this month. But Andrea Macpherson tells us you still won’t be seeing any Uber or Lyft drivers behind the wheel just yet.


Vancouver Man Accused in ‘Spitting Assault’ A Vancouver man accused of spitting on a woman in a wheelchair and 3 others has been charged in a random assault. Mary Cranston reports.


Vigil For Victims Of New Zealand Attack: A large vigil has been organized at Sunset Beach in Vancouver to remember those killed in a horrific attack at a mosque in New Zealand. Travis Prasad has the details.


‘Robot’ Provides Pain Relief For Premature Babies: UBC researchers have designed a robot that stimulates skin to skin contact for premature babies. Isabelle Raghem explains.


Citytv’s New Original Crime Drama – Hudson & Rex: We get a preview of Citytv’s brand new original crime drama ‘Hudson and Rex’ when stars of the show, John Reardon and a German shepherd named Diesel, join us on BT. Watch the premiere on Citytv on March 25 at 8pm.


Thor’s Hammers: Us & The Hummingbird Project: Thor reviews Jordan Peele’s new horror thriller ‘Us’ and ‘The Hummingbird Project’ from Canadian writer/director Kim Nguyen.


How To Bring Art Into Your Home: Karla Dreyer shares advice on sourcing, buying, framing, hanging, and displaying art!