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Friday, January 18th 2019

Wang Wants Back Into Byelection:  Canada’s Liberal Party dismisses Karen Wang’s request to be reinstated as the Burnaby-South by-election candidate. Tom Walsh reports.


Canada’s Food Waste In A ‘Crisis’: A new study suggests more than half of food produced in Canada is wasted. Mary Cranston reports.


New Tech Sets Virtual Reality Free: Experiencing the movie for yourself in Richmond.


Svend Robinson Returns To Politics: Svend Robinson is pursuing a return to federal politics as he runs for the NDP nomination in North Burnaby-Seymour. While one of Canada’s longest-serving MPs, in 2004 he tearfully resigned and confessed he stole jewelry. Will voters move past his lapse in judgement? Will they send the experienced politician back to Ottawa?


How To Ride A Motorcycle: Ever thought about learning to ride a motorcycle? Riaz gets some helpful advice from Pacific Riding School.


2019 Wedding Dress Trends: Monte Durham, the ‘Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta’ star, answers some of your bridal style questions ahead of his appearance at the ‘It’s My Wedding Show’ in Langley.


Previewing Sunday’s Blood Moon: On Sunday, Canadians will be treated to a full wolf blood moon creating a total lunar eclipse. We get the details from astronomer Kat Kelley.