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Friday, February 1st 2019

Manhunt in Surrey Continues: Police are looking for Daon Glasgow in connection to the shooting of a transit officer.


Saving The Life Of A Stranger: 2018 was a record year for transplants in B.C. Andrea Macpherson has the story of a man who gave his kidney to save the life of a stranger.


Honouring Black History: We honour Black History Month with the founder and co-curator of VIFF’s annual Black History Month film series.


Back From The Brink:  North Vancouver firefighter Erik Bjarnason battled back to work after losing his fingers, but has also battled depression and stigma. After seeking help from a support program, the 30-year firefighter is about to retire with renewed hope, a commitment to help others, and a new hand.


Super Bowl Debate:  Is it OK to hate Tom Brady? Would you ask Bill Belichick for a selfie? Who wins? We ask these and other important questions about the Super Bowl.