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Friday, February 15th 2019

Measles Petition:  A Maple Ridge woman has started a petition calling for mandatory vaccines for children going to public schools in B.C.  Travis Prasad tells us there have been two reported cases of measles in Vancouver this week.


Howie Mandel Brings The Laughs: Don’t miss our chat with legendary comedian Howie Mandel as he gets candid about comedy, love, and what still scares him about getting on stage.


Surrey Food Bank Theft:  The Surrey Food Bank is out almost $3,000 after thieves cut through their fence and ripped a catalytic converter out of one of their two delivery trucks.


Thor’s Hammers Alita: Battle Angel & Arctic: Thor reviews the new sci-fi action thriller ‘Alita: Battle Angel’ plus Mads Mikkelsen’s survival drama ‘Arctic’.


Snow & Ice Removal Tips:  We get ice and snow removal tips from one of the pros!


The Great Backyard Bird Count:  The Great Backyard Bird Count begins today! You can participate by taking 15 minutes to count all the birds you see from your backyard or balcony.


Toonies For Tummies: We find out how Toonies For Tummies helps to fund the Breakfast Club of Canada and find out how it impacts students when the Principal from Kirkbride Elementary School in Surrey joins us in the BT studio.