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Friday April 11, 2014

A Purdy’s Factory Tour
6:40 – We go inside the Purdy’s factory to show you how they make their peanut butter eggs and other Easter treats!

Thor’s Hammers
7:40 – Thor drops the Hammers on the epic action thriller ‘The Raid 2’ and Kevin Costner’s football comedy-drama ‘Draft Day’.

Dini Petty
8:20 -Legendary talk show host turned children’s author Dini Petty always has a lot to talk about. She doesn’t shy away from anything, including menopause.

Kathy Smart’s Power Breakfast Protein Cookie
8:40 -You need protein in the morning to stabilize blood sugar and increase your metabolism. Kathy Smart, North America’s Gluten-Free expert, reveals the recipe for her power breakfast protein cookie.