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Friday, Apr 27th 2018

7:40am ‘At My Table’ With Nigella Lawson: We welcome back Nigella Lawson to the BT Studios AND we get a lesson in the kitchen on ‘Chocolate Olive Oil Mousse!’


8:20am Tips To Help Improve Sleep: Posture tips that can contribute to sound sleep and how it can improve your mental and physical health? Posture expert Dr. Liza can demonstrate five simple stretches to help Canadians drastically improve their sleep.


8:40am Best Foods For Your Skin: Skin looking a little rundown? Before you lather on more moisturizers and lotions you might want to think about what you are eating. Dr. Kate Rheaume joins us in the BT studio for tips on the types of foods you should put on your plate that can boost your health and improve the look of your skin.