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Friday, February 23rd 2018

7:40am: Thor’s Hammers: Thor reviews Natalie Portman’s new sci-fi thriller ‘Annihilation’, based on the chilling bestseller from author Jeff VanderMeer.


8:15am How To Beat the Belly Bloat: Trying to eat better in 2018? Sometimes making healthier food choices comes with hidden and unforeseen consequences. Alternative Health Expert Bryce Wylde shares the three natural and healthy things you might be doing that are making you feel worse…


8:20am Rick Hansen: It’s all about accessibility. Rick Hansen joins us live on the BT Couch.


8:40am Spring Cleaning Garage Makeover:  You will be amazed at this transformation!  Cityline DIY Expert Leigh-Ann Allaire Perrault shares how she renovated her once neglected garage into a dream workspace with the help of these innovative and affordable DIY projects.