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December 17, 2013

A Heritage Christmas At Burnaby Village Museum
6:47 -Join us for a visit to the Burnaby Village Museum and enjoy the traditional sights and sounds of Christmases past.


BT’s Christmas Surprise!
7:05 -Today’s prize is worth $569! Find out what it is when we reveal BT’s Christmas Surprise!


Who is Milan Lucic?
7:40am – Milan Lucic’s former rugby coach from Killarney High School in East Vancouver, Ken Mackenzie joins us to talk about how difficult it is for him to see the public reaction to his former student.


Surviving a Blood Disease & Success as an Athlete:
8:10am – Daniel’s hard work in the gym is paying off. How? Meet Daniel Martinson an avid powerlifter and today’s Athlete of the Week.


The Truth Behind The NHL Dream
8:20 – Author and former hockey player Matt McCoy reveals the true costs and rewards on the bumpy road to pro-hockey in Canada