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Show Notes

Thursday June 6th, 2019

A desperate plea for help: The mother of a missing Coquitlam man is hoping her son will be found. Ashley Burr explains. https://www.btvancouver.ca/videos/a-desperate-plea-for-help/

A closer look at the price of gas: As David Zura explains, the price during the day is often different than what we pay at night. https://www.btvancouver.ca/videos/a-closer-look-at-the-price-of-gas

Reducing Food Waste: Sixty percent of food is either lost or wasted in Canada. Chelsea Donaghy and Megan Lacoste from Sodexo join Riaz in studio to talk about how their company is working to reduce to food waste. https://www.btvancouver.ca/videos/reducing-food-waste/

Wednesday June 5th, 2019


Tuesday, June 4th, 2019

More Close Calls On The Water: The weather is warming up and that means more people will be out on the water. David Zura is on a boat tour with VPD’s Marine Unit this morning – learning more about key areas in Vancouver’s harbour that recreational boaters need to be more aware of in order to stay safe. https://www.btvancouver.ca/videos/more-close-calls-on-the-water/

Reacting To The MMIWG Report: We welcome indigenous activist Lorelei Williams to react to Monday’s report on hundreds of murdered and missing Canadian women. https://www.btvancouver.ca/videos/reacting-to-the-mmiwg-report/

Raptors Fever In Vancouver: We look at what it would take to bring the NBA back to Vancouver with Arthur Griffiths. https://www.btvancouver.ca/videos/raptors-fever-in-vancouver-2/

Supporting The ‘Accessible Canada Act’: Rick Hansen supports the ‘Accessibility Canada Act’ and tells us why certain design features can be changed – at no inconvenience – because they present many inconveniences to some. https://www.btvancouver.ca/videos/supporting-the-accessible-canada-act/

Road Trip Tips For Kids: Parenting expert Kathy Buckworth returns with tips on beating the boredom when it comes to kids and road trips. https://www.btvancouver.ca/videos/road-trip-tips-for-kids/

Monday, June 3rd, 2019

Raptors Lose Game 2: Sportsnet 650’s Satiar Shah looks ahead to Game 3, coming Wednesday from Oakland right here on Citytv.
Canada’s Garbage Coming Back From Philippines: Ottawa is spending more than $1 million to bring trash and contaminated recyclables back from the Philippines so it can pay to burn it here in Metro Vancouver. How did the waste arrive in the first place and what should Canada – and Canadians – do to prevent this in the future?
Burn Survivor Gets New Lease On Life: Burnaby man Jesse Van Dok shares one incredible story of survival after he was electrocuted due to drug psychosis.
Vegetarian Grilling Tips: We’re firing up the grill again for a vegetarian feast with The Dirty Apron’s David Robertson.
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