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Show Notes

Tuesday, May 7th 2019

Housing Crisis Hitting Pets Too: A woman who operates a local dog rescue organization says her group is overwhelmed with the amount of canines being surrendered to her group. David Zura is finding out if there is a link to a lack of pet-friendly housing in Metro Vancouver?


Funding Mental Health & Addiction Services In Canada: We learn about the ‘A Dollar A Day’ Foundation and how you can help fund mental health and addiction services in Canada.


Will Stroet Celebrates 10 Years Of Music: We chat with local children’s entertainer Will Stroet, and his wife and manager Kim Thé, about family music being a family affair.


Is High School Rugby Under Threat In Canada?  High school rugby games are still being played in Nova Scotia, though the province’s athletic foundation tried to ban the sport. We turn to Patrick Johnston for an explanation and catch up with BC School Sports to understand the situation.


Choosing Water Wise Plants: Watering restrictions began May 1. The weather forecast looks hot and dry. What is a gardener to do? Phoenix Perennials joins us with plants that can and can’t handle drought conditions.



Monday, May 6th 2019

It’s A Boy For Harry & Meghan! We get the latest details on the newest royal bundle of joy.


Royal Baby Boy Names: We’re speaking to people in Vancouver about the newest member of the royal family.


Southsiders Respond To Whitecaps’ Apology: The Southsiders talk about their reaction to Whitecaps apology and promise to do the right things. We find out what conversations the fans are having with the club and what steps they’d like to see in response to sexual assault claims.


 Vancouver Junior Roller Derby Has Nowhere To Roll: There’s no lack of interest for this roller sport, but they just don’t have space. The Vancouver Junior Roller Derby held a rally Sunday calling on the Vancouver Park Board and City of Vancouver to develop a year round, dedicated, roller-skate facility. Ashley Burr has more.


Celebrating 30 Years Of Science World: In celebration of Science World’s 30th anniversary, we do some fun “birthday-themed” demos! Find out what a “fire horn” is and if Riaz can pull a tablecloth from under a cake.


The Journey To Make ‘The Grizzlies’: We sit down with Miranda de Pencier, the director of ‘The Grizzlies’, to chat about her journey to make this powerful Canadian film.



Friday, May 3rd 2019

Fiery Crash Results In Death At Peace Arch Crossing: One man has died following a two-car crash near the Peace Arch border crossing that resulted in a car fire Thursday morning. News1130’s Monika Gul explains how it all went down.


Fundraising Efforts To Restore White Rock Pier Underway: A two-million dollar fundraising effort to restore the White Rock Pier is being launched today. Tom Walsh tell us the iconic landmark was severely damaged in a storm on December 20th.


More MRI Exams Recorded In B.C. The province claims 44,000 more MRI exams were completed in B.C. during the first year a new health care strategy was rolled out.  News1130’s Liza Yuzda has more.


Thor’s Hammers – Long Shot: Thor reviews the new romantic comedy ‘Long Shot’, starring Seth Rogen and Charlize Theron.


Giants Playing For WHL Championship: The Vancouver Giants are getting set for the WHL championship; we check in with Sportsnet 650’s Perry Solkowski.


Metro Vancouver Housing Market Cools Off: Metro Vancouver’s housing market is still highly vulnerable, according to the CMHC even as an over-heated market begins to cool. In Vancouver, home dropped nearly 30% in April compared to a year earlier.


The Great Canadian Birdathon: We welcome back Dr. Rob Butler and Bird Studies B.C. director David Bradley to explain how you can help support our feathered friends plus highlight some local birding hotspots this time of year.



Thursday, May 2nd 2019

Whitecaps Apologize Following Abuse Allegations: The Whitecaps have issued a statement apologizing “for the harm that has clearly come to many women who participated in our program.” Travis Prasad tells us this follows allegations of abuse brought forward by former women’s team players.


B.C. Reacts To Alberta’s Oil Threats: The province has filed legal paperwork over Alberta’s Preserving Canada’s Economic Prosperity Act; Bill 12. Tom Walsh reports the move aims to prevent Alberta’s new Premier from stopping the flow of oil to B.C.


Preventing Bird Deaths At UBC: It’s estimated that around 10,000 birds are dying every year at the University of British Columbia after flying into windows and glass doors. But now Andrea Macpherson tells us the campus has come up with a new plan to try to prevent that from happening.


Balancing Vancouver Residential & Commercial Taxes: Vancouver council approved a tax shift in an effort to move some of the burden off commercial property owners to be shouldered by residential homeowners. Is this a move towards a fair balance to maintain a vibrant city? Or are property owners already saddled with too many taxes in an increasingly unaffordable city?


May Is Invasive Species Action Month: May has been officially proclaimed Invasive Species Action Month in B.C.  What are invasive species? Why should we care?  How can we take action and make a difference?  Invasive Species Council of BC’s Gail Wallin identifies five that are affecting B.C. right now.


What You Need to Know About Mould In Your Home: Mould…is it hiding in the home you are thinking of buying or the home you own?  We talk to a Mold Inspector about everything from signs of mould to mould myths, plus we get a look at some of the technology used to identify leaks and moisture.


Jane’s Walk Offers Walking Tours Of Vancouver: Jane’s Walk Vancouver begins Thursday with free walking tours around the city, including one that’s all about Vancouverism and the design features that define the city.



Wednesday, May 1st 2019

Seismic concerns over Trans Mountain Pipeline: We’ve all heard about the marine risks of the Trans Mountain Pipeline, but what about the seismic risks? Experts have compiled a report which they say highlights some of the dangers if an earthquake should hit the refinery. Tom Walsh has the details.


Hootsuite Lays Off Dozens Of Vancouver Employees: Hootsuite has laid off dozens of staff today as part of a restructuring plan. Ashley Burr explains it’s believed to be 10% of the company’s workforce. Most of the company is based in Vancouver.


Parents Protest Eric Hamber Replacement Project: Parents of students attending Eric Hamber Secondary in Vancouver say they are angry to learn plans are in the works to make a replacement school 32 per cent smaller than the current one.  Travis Prasad tells us the plans don’t include a replacement auditorium. Gymnasium space will be reduced, as will areas to house the school’s fashion design program.


May Meteor Shower & Other Celestial Events: We learn about an upcoming meteor shower, which will peak on Sunday, plus some other celestial goodies with astronomer Kat Kelly.


Video Game Visionaries: Tech expert Mike Yawney takes us on a tour of Montreal’s Ubisoft, the world’s largest video game company.


‘Plaid For Dad’ To Help End Prostate Cancer: As a national ambassador for the campaign, Eric McCormack tells us how we can all help create awareness for prostate cancer awareness with “Plaid for Dad.” He joins us to talk about this important work and highlights of his past year.


Good Gut Health At Every Stage Of Life: Naturopathic Doctor and Wellness Advocate Dr. Allana Polo talks probiotics, the importance of digestive health and how Jamieson probiotic products can help to maintain digestive balance at every stage of life.



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