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Show Notes

Wednesday, April 17th 2019

Jason Kenney Wins Majority In Alberta: We get the latest on the Alberta election results with CityNews Parliament Hill Bureau Chief Cormac Mac Sweeney.


Man Dead In Kitsilano Shooting: Vancouver Police say a man was shot and killed around 8:30pm on Wednesday night near West 4th and Burrard. Greg Harper has the latest.


Trial For Oak Bay Father Accused Of Killing Daughters Begins: *A warning that this story contains information that may be disturbing to some viewers.  The trail of an Oak Bay man accused of killing his daughters has begun. Travis Prasad has the details.


How To Control 4/20 In Vancouver: Vancouver’s Mayor has been repeatedly criticized over 4/20 controversy. Andrea Macpherson tells us he’s been asked to show more leadership when it comes to crowd control and bylaw enforcement.


Whitecaps Supporters Deliver a Serious Message: It’s a strong message for the Vancouver Whitecaps. The team’s largest support group is planning a limited walk-out during Thursday’s match at B.C. Place. David Zura explains.


National Day Of Action On Overdose Crisis: A parade made its way through the streets of downtown Vancouver on this ‘National Day of Action’ on Canada’s overdose crisis. Isabelle Raghem is speaking with survivors and family members who have lost their loved ones.


Call For Teachers To Come West: What does the future for teachers in B.C. hold? We sit down with the president of the B.C. Teachers’ Federation to talk about where the jobs are in this province and why the organization is looking east to recruit.


BBQ Fire Safety Tips: From the leading causes of grill fires to what you need to check before you turn your grill on for the first time, Vancouver Fire & Rescue Services’ Captain Jonathan Gormick joins us to help make sure your grilling season is a safe one.



Tuesday, April 16th 2019

People in Vancouver Express Grief Over Notre Dame Fire:  People are sharing their memories of France’s most famous cathedral.


Could Alberta Election Fuel B.C. Gas Woes?  Could the Alberta election fuel B.C gas woes? Travis Prasad is finding out what impact the outcome could have on the price you pay at the pump.


Vancouver Video Rental Store Survives Streaming Era: This Vancouver video rental store has survived the streaming era. Isabelle Raghem is finding out its secret to success.


Trans Model Subject Of New Documentary: “Krow’s TRANSformation” tells a remarkable story as it follows trans model Krow over three years as he transitions from female to male while also rising in the ranks to become one of the world’s top models.


Introducing The Galaxy Fold: In a Canadian television exclusive, tech expert Mike Yawney previews Samsung’s new smartphone with a folding screen.


Amazon Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Take the guesswork out of gifting with the Amazon Mother’s Day Gift Guide courtesy of Amazon Canada. We checked out the latest gadgets, kitchen helpers, and luxe lifestyle products for deserving moms everywhere. Watch now!



Monday, April 15th 2019

Ugandan Children’s Choir Robbed In Vancouver: Thousands of dollars have been stolen from a travelling Ugandan children’s choir in Vancouver. The Sawuti choir was having lunch Saturday when the window of their car, parked at Abbott Street and West Pender, was smashed. A briefcase with donations, two laptops and an iPad were taken. Ashley Burr has the story.


Tiger Woods Wins His Fifth Masters: Sportsnet 650’s Perry Solkowski breaks down Tiger’s big win on Sunday in Augusta, Georgia.


Local Runner Wins 2019 Vancouver Sun Run: Justin Kent joins us to talk about his victory Sunday at the Vancouver Sun Run. He was born in 1992 — also the last year a local man won the iconic Vancouver 10k race.


Amazon May Be Listening: Are Amazon staff listening to our conversations at home? David Zura has the details.


Healthy Meals On A Budget: Registered dietitian Desiree Nielsen shows us how to shop on a budget — with her own tried-and-tested advice for making the best choices at wholesale and neighbourhood grocery stores.


Fedex Express Canada Launches Second Small Business Grant Contest: FedEx Express Canada launches their second Small Business Grant Contest with $100,000 in funding and services designed to grow and support small businesses from around the country. We talk to 2 of the 10 winners from last year’s contest who share stories of how winning changed their small business.



Friday, April 12th 2019

Metro Vancouver Gas Prices Hit New Record High: A litre of regular will cost you 168.9 at many stations.


Guilty Of Distracted Driving Despite Dead Phone: A B.C. man was found guilty of distracted driving for using his phone, even though its battery was dead. Travis Prasad explains.


The Band For A Closer Bond: This is a Canadian first! Tom Walsh tells us Vancouver’s St. Paul’s Hospital is testing out a maternity positioning band that allows mothers who deliver their babies by C-section to safely engage in skin-to-skin contact.


Coping With Exam Stress: It’s a stressful time for students. Andrea Macpherson is speaking with University students cramming for exams as doctors offer advice to help manage mental health issues.


Thor’s Hammers: Hellboy & Missing Link: Thor reviews the brand new ‘Hellboy’ reboot and the stop-motion animated family adventure ‘Missing Link’.


Girl Guide Cookies Now On Sale: Girl Guide Cookies are currently on sale in the Spring tradition of classic chocolate and vanilla cookies. In B.C. there are some 69,000 cases of these cookies!


Helping Women On The Downtown Eastside: We speak with a local community activist about what needs to be done to help marginalized women on Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.


Pop-Up Roller Rink Rolls Into Robson Square!  Rollerskate Vancouver joins us; we learn some moves and find out more about their “pop-up roller rink” coming to Robson Square.



Thursday, April 11th 2019

Controversial Comments From Maple Ridge Mayor On Homeless: The Mayor of Maple Ridge says homeless addicts are ‘raping and pillaging’ his community. Tom Walsh has more on the controversy.


 Massive Development Planned In Kitsilano: The Squamish Nation wants to build 3,000 new units at the foot of the Burrard Street Bridge in Kitsilano. David Zura is chatting with people in the area.


Chinatown Business Owner Fed Up With Vandalism: A store owner in Vancouver’s Chinatown neighbourhood says the Downtown Eastside has “broken him.” Andrea Macpherson tells us he says he’s been dealing with everything from breaking up drug deals on his doorstep to vandalism, theft and ongoing violence.


What Black Holes Reveal About The Universe: We get a lesson in black holes from astronomer Kat Kelly.


Battling Cancer As A Firefighter: After 35 years as a Vancouver firefighter, Captain Steve Letourneau has cancer. He got it from exposure to chemicals as he fought fires. We talk to him about his career and what the department is now doing to keep the crew safe.


Prisma Festival In Powell River: We get a preview of Powell River’s upcoming Prisma Festival with artistic director Arthur Arnold.


Upholding Transgender Rights In Canada: Human rights activist Morgane Oger recently won an important decision for LGBT rights, helping further enshrine protection against hate speech.


Helping Refugees See Clearly: One Vancouver optometrist recently travelled to Jordan where he helped provide eye care to more than 2,600 Syrian refugees. Many patients he assisted spent their whole lives next to blind – witnessing their reaction after putting on a pair of glasses for the first time was a feeling he would never forget.



Wednesday, April 10th 2019

New Laws Ban Ticket Scalping Bots In B.C.: If you’ve ever tried to buy a ticket to a concert or sporting event that’s been sold out in just minutes, you’re not alone. Andrea Macpherson tells us new laws could soon crack down on bots and scalpers – in an effort to control tickets sales in B.C.


Canucks To Pick 10th In NHL Draft: We now know the Canucks will have the 10th overall pick in this years NHL Draft Lottery. Travis Prasad has the details from Sportsnet 650.


Young Women Take Their Messages To Ottawa: A delegation of 338 young women, the Daughters of the Vote, travelled to Ottawa last week and took to the House of Commons where some turned their back on Justin Trudeau. We meet two delegates who were there and talk to them about the choice they made to protest the Prime Minister or not.


Good Samaritan Saves Man Trapped Inside Dumpster: Tyler Dempsey doesn’t think he’s a hero. But there’s a man in hospital in critical condition who might think otherwise. Last month, Dempsey was walking past a dumpster outside Value Village on Victoria Drive near 49th Ave in Vancouver, when he heard a man calling for help.


Encourage A Young Writer Day: Cultivating reading and writing skills is important in the development of any child. Parenting expert and author Kathy Buckworth returns with some helpful advice.



Tuesday, April 9th 2019

Arrest Made After Graffiti Outside Wilson-Raybould’s Office: Jody Wilson-Raybould’s Vancouver office has been targeted by Vandals. Tom Walsh tell us graffiti messages like ‘Let Jody Talk’ were found on the sidewalk.


Jury Selection For Dad Charged In Death Of Daughters: Jury selection has started in the trial of Andrew Berry charged with second-degree murder in the deaths of his young daughters in Oak Bay. Travis Prasad tells us the girls were found dead inside his apartment on Christmas Day in 2017.


Therapy Dog To Help 911 Call Takers: It’s believed to be a first for a 911 call centre in Canada. Greg Harper tells us E-Comm is adding a registered clinical counsellor and certified assistance dog to its public safety team!


Where Do The Canucks Go From Here? Sportsnet 650’s James Cybulski looks at the Vancouver Canucks season and what the team can do to rebuild in the future.


Canada’s New Food Guide: Canada’s food guide was revamped this year by people such as the neurologist we’re about to meet. We talk to him about keeping everything from grocery shopping to meal planning to cooking both affordable and efficient.


Learning About B.C. Bugs: Entomologist Chris Ernst is on a mission to find and catalogue all the tiny creatures that creep, crawl, and fly around the Central Coast of British Columbia. This is the documentary that profiles his work. 1000s of Bugs, 100 Islands, 1 Happy Entomologist screens Saturday at the Elements Film Festival.


BC Transplant Sees Surge In Organ Donors: BC Transplant looks at the recent rise in organ donor registrations in our province and explains how you can get involved.


Monday, April 6th 2019

Microbes & The Future Of Medicine: Discover the teeming world of microbes and the latest research on the role of the microbiome in the defence against cancer, heart disease, obesity and more. Science has made huge leaps in prolonging life through disease prevention and treatment, but microbiologist Brett Finlay and gerontologist Jessica Finlay offer a different—and truly revolutionary—approach to the quest for the fountain of youth.


Misfit: Born To Stand Out: “Autistic. Gay. Immigrant. Changemaker.” Born to stand out, Andreas Souvaliot is talks about being one of Canada’s most unusual, successful and socially conscious people working in business right now.


Cooking With Ham This Easter: The Food Gays, Jeremy Inglett and Adrian Harris, share their tips on cooking with ham this Easter when they show us how to prepare Moroccan Eggplant Salad with Grimm’s feta and Old Fashioned Ham, chickpeas and mint.



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