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Show Notes

Tuesday, January 8th 2018

Another Plastic Bag Ban?  Victoria already does this and now it looks like the District of Saanich is considering joining in the plastic bag ban. David Zura is finding out if other cities should follow suit.


Wooden Coaster #1 In Canada!  BC’s iconic Wooden rollercoaster has made it into the top 25 Wooden coasters in the world, and no.1 in Canada.  Tom Walsh took a ride last summer to find out how hair raising it really is!


Food Guide Makeover Creates Debate:  Plant-based foods expected to get major boost.


Travellers Heading to U.S. Advised to Get to Airport Early: TSA staffing issues caused by government shutdown creating headaches.


2019 Real Estate Predictions: What does the year ahead hold for real estate in B.C.? Joannah Connolly with Glacier Media’s Real Estate Division, rounds up the expert opinions on sales prices, mortgage rates and more.


Caring For An Aging Cat:  Mr. Pirate is back in studio as we’re joined by the senior feline and veterinarian Uri Burstyn to learn about caring for older cats.


What’s Next For Canadian Tennis Talent?  Bianca Andreescu has made a statement be knocking off some of the top women’s tennis talent. What does her breakthrough tell us about the state of tennis in this country and what will the 2019 season bring for Canadians on the international circuit.



Monday, January 7th 2018

Pet Detective Nabs Missing Vancouver Dog: A tearful reunion for an East Vancouver couple whose dog went missing five weeks ago. Andrea Macpherson tells us Littlefoot has now been located with the help of a pet detective.


Eagle Count Hits Squamish: Over 1100 of the regal birds were spotted this year.


Still Sticking to Your Resolution?  We’re finding out how you’re doing one week into the New Year.


U.S. Government Shutdown Showdown: Political science expert Eric Merkley looks at the U.S. government partial shutdown showdown and what the implications could mean.


Finding Success At The Gym: We hit the gym to set you up for success in 2019. Innovative Fitness covers the key fitness points for you to assess before even lifting a weight.



Thursday, January 3rd 2018

Finland Beats Canada At The World Juniors: Finland has beat Canada at the World Juniors Hockey Championshio at Rogers Arena. Tom Walsh is getting fan reaction.


Pain At The Pump For 2019: Get ready for what could be a wild ride at the pumps this year. Isabelle Raghem has the latest on a new report from Gasbuddy.com


Hot Metro Vancouver Condo Market: Some condo owners are seeing double digit gains in their latest B.C. Property Assessments. Andrea Macpherson is finding out what your property is worth.


Distant Body ‘Ultima Thule’ Explained: Humans have seen further than ever before into the distant reaches of our galaxy thanks to the NASA spacecraft, New Horizons. Astronomer Kat Kelly tells us what they found and what it means.


Latest In Ski Tips & Tech:  Skiing this year? There are many ways to get yourself down a hill and maybe back up it again. We look at the latest shapes in backcountry, downhill, cross-country skis and even get a look those polarizing board skis/snow blades/fatties/short skis. The guys at Coastal Culture Sports give us some tips.


Caring For Indoor Succulents: Garden expert Brian Minter joins us with tips on how to care for succulents indoors in the winter months.



Wednesday, January 2nd 2018

Are You $40 Million Richer?  Someone in South Delta has won the Lotto Max jackpot worth almost $40 million! Andrea Macpherson is finding out how you’d spend your winnings!


Thousands Make Chilly Splash: It was the 99th edition of the Polar Bear Swim at English Bay in Vancouver.


How To Recycle Your Electronics:  Get a new gadget for Christmas. A TV? Computer? Maybe a new phone or watch? A toaster, perhaps? We learn how to recycle your old stuff like high-tech devices, home appliances and used batteries.


December’s Damaging Storm:  It was the most damaging storm they’ve ever experienced. Mora Scott with BC Hydro has the details.


Christmas Clean-Up Tips & Tricks: Looking at all of your Christmas decorations and dreading packing them up and putting them away? Professional organizer Linda Chu joins us with tips, tricks and gadgets for your Christmas clean-up.


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