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Show Notes

Monday, November 19th 2018

Toronto Blue Jays Legend Roberto Alomar: Retired Blue Jays infielder Roberto Alomar joins us to talk about Toronto’s latest moves and their new manager, fellow Puerto Rican Charlie Montoyo.


Free Parking Coming to Surrey Hospital and City Hall? Surrey City Council is considering two-hour free parking zones in several locations.


How To Make Mushroom Wellington: Celebrity chef and author Anna Olson shares her recipe for mushroom wellington from her new book.


Winter Wellness: Surviving Cold & Flu Season: No one has time to get sick! Dr Frank Silva ND discusses “Winter Wellness – Surviving Cold & Flu Season”. From digestive and immune support to natural solutions for low energy, sleep concerns, or high stress levels, Dr. Silva will share insight on the foundations for achieving optimal, whole body health to get you through Cold & Flu season unscathed.


Viral Video Explains The Referendum: Trying to make learning about proportional representation fun seems like an oxymoron right? Well sprinkle in a clumsy toddler and a Pomeranian and you may just change your mind. Ashley Burr has the story of the Vancouver filmmaker trying to get people more informed on the different voting systems.


Friday, November 16th 2018

Trash To Treasure: This Vancouver collector says he was a ‘hoarder before it was popular.’ Tom Walsh checks out the unique treasures that have been saved from the trash including a land line from 1905!!


Roadtrip Of A Lifetime For Terminally Ill Dog Born In B.C.: It was a roadtrip of a lifetime for a terminally ill dog born in B.C. Andrea Macpherson follows the 12 day trip that took one U.S. Mayor all the way to Vancouver Island.


Surrey LRT Project Suspended: The LRT Project has been suspended indefinitely in Surrey. Travis Prasad explains what this means for transportation in the region.


Thor’s Hammers: Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of  Grindewald & A Private War: Thor reviews ‘Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald’ plus drops the hammers on ‘A Private War’ with Rosamund Pike.


Home Safety: From carbon monoxide awareness to choosing a smoke alarm, Kidde Safety Expert Sharon Cooksey shares her tips on staying safe at home.


A Simple Test For HIV: There is a quick, simple and painless test you can take today to screen for HIV. Prince Harry did it recently. We do it today. You can go anytime.


How An App Can Help With Renos: Television host & DIY expert Bryan Baumler shares some helpful info.



Wednesday, November 14th 2018

Canada Post Suspends Delivery Guarantees: Concerns are growing over the Canada Post dispute as it suspends delivery guarantees. David Zura reports.


You Have On Average 3 Minutes To Escape A Fire: It’s a pretty scary statistic.  Vancouver Fire & Rescue say you have about 3 minute to safely get yourself out of a burning building. Andrea Macpherson tells us that’s down from more than 10 minutes a couple of decades ago.


Journey To The Bottom Of The Sea: It’s the adventure that will reignite the childhood explorer in you! Tom Walsh reports Aquatica, a Vancouver based submarine company, is launching an exhibition to chart the largest sea sinkhole in the world!


Nothing But Net In The West End: A neighbourhood mom has taken it upon herself to replace the nets at a school court.


New Artists At Culture Crawl: Now in its 22 year, the Eastside Culture Crawl welcomes thousands of visitors to more than 500 artist studios and workshops. New this year – workshops and live demonstrations by artists, including chainsaw woodworker Jesse Toso.

How To Price Your Home For Sale: Too high and you could turn prospective buyers off. Too low, won’t necessarily prompt a bidding war. Realtor Leo Wilk reveals how the pros do it: how realtors determine the price of your home.

Friday, November 9th 2018

Pinning Poppies For 27 Years: 27 years of Poppy-Tagging and she hasn’t missed a single day of work. Andrea MacPherson shares the story of 80 year old Patricia Erfle and why this cause is so close to her heart.


Bear Makes Midnight Oil Heist: This Port Coquitlam bear is behind a midnight oil heist. David Zura catches up with one homeowner who caught the creature drinking from his deep fryer on tape.


Why We Remember: On Sunday, we remember and recognize the contributions and sacrifices our veterans have made.  Cam Cathcart, Director of Ceremonies for Remembrance Day at Victoria Square and Retired Canadian Forces Veteran Jim Stanton join us to talk about the importance of supporting veterans of all ages.


Thor Hammers: Boy Erased & The Grinch: Thor reviews the gay conversion drama ‘Boy Erased’ and, just in time for the holidays, drops the hammers on ‘The Grinch’.


Building The Perfect Cheese & Charcuterie Board: We are fast approaching the prime entertaining season. Whether you are bringing one to a party or you are preparing one for your guests, putting together a cheese and charcuterie board or a veggie board, is a party staple…you are a food stylist so you are a pro at this, can anyone do it.


Mangoes: A Slice Of Life: Executive producer and actor Adeel Suhrwardy gives us a sneak peek of OMNI’s “Mangoes: A Slice of Life,” which explores the life of South Asian millennials in Canada.



Thursday, November 8th 2018

Ground Breaking Film Shows The First World War In Colour: Acclaimed Hollywood director Peter Jackson has released a First World War documentary that shows the front line as soldiers themselves would’ve experienced it.


Fraudsters Try To Enter Home In Delta:  A warning not to let strangers into your home is coming out of Delta as police say there have been two reports of people trying to gain access to a home by claiming to be an employee of the government or a crown corporation. Ashley Burr has the details.


Can Dogs Teach Infants: Can having a pet dog at home influence your infants cognitive development? Researchers at UBC are trying to answer that question and they need your help!


The Vancouver Whitecaps’ New Head Coach: The Vancouver Whitecaps have named a new head coach, inking a three-year deal with Marc Dos Santos and officially moving on from Carl Robinson. The fifth coach in Whitecaps MLS history is also the fifth Canadian hired to coach an MLS club.


On Tour With Comedian Gad Elmaleh: French comedy star Gad Elmaleh stops by BT ahead of his performance at The Chan Centre.


BT Science Quiz! Do you know your mammals from your marsupials? Your Saturn from your Saturna We quiz our hosts to test their science knowledge in the name of building a sustainable, peaceful world and access to education for all kids.



Wednesday, November 7th 2018

The Midterm Elections: Where Do We Go From Here: We look at the results from last night’s U.S. midterm elections, and the possible implications for Canada, with S.F.U. political science professor Andy Hira.


Burlesque Legend Retires: Satan’s Angel is an American exotic dancer specializing in stripping and burlesque.


Runner Crushes 43-Year-Old National Record: The 29-year-old long-distance runner from Black Creek, B.C. set a national record in the marathon, beating a time that stood for more than four decades.


Transforming Coats For The Homeless: Every week volunteers have been gathering to sew jackets for the homeless, but what makes these coats particularly special is what they can transform into. Ashley Burr explains.


Healthy Home Check-up: Paging Dr. Leigh-ann! We find out how to do a healthy home check-up and why now is the perfect time to do it.



Tuesday, November 6th 2018

Deadly Crash On Highway One: One person is dead after a dump truck slammed into a median in Surrey.


An In-Your-Face Approach To Cigarette Health Warnings: Health Canada says they’re undergoing a public consultation process right now that includes the option to print health warnings on each individual cigarette. David Zura explains.


Burnaby’s New Mayor: One of the shockers from the recent civic election happened in Burnaby with the defeat of Derek Corrigan, We meet the city’s new mayor, former firefighter Mike Hurley.


Breaking Down The U.S. Midterm Elections: We break down the key issues in the historic U.S. midterm elections with U.B.C. political science expert Eric Merkley.


Ways To Reduce Stroke Risk: Stroke is the third leading cause of death & the leading cause of adult disability in Canada. Dr. Scott Lear joins us with practical everyday ways you can reduce your stroke risk.



Monday, November 5th 2018

New West Apartment Building Evacuated: A hazmat scare forces residents from their homes.


Female Scientists Of Tomorrow: In the hopes of drawing more females to the field, November 1-7th 2018‬, has officially been named Women and Girls in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Design, and Math week. Our reporter Ashley Burr meets some of the young female inventors leading the way in the field.


Real Estate Choices For Buyers: Romana King tells you what trends to stay on top of to narrow down a list of the best neighbourhoods for you. From commuter time to walkability to finding value across Metro Vancouver, she tells us about the latest housing hot spots and how you can work with your realtor to find this information on your own.


Cujo Gets Candid: We chat with NHL goalie legend Curtis Joseph about his unlikely rise to fame in professional sport.


Debunking Pre & PostNatal Myths: Exercise is possible and encouraged during pregnancy. We learn what women can do to stay healthy for themselves and their baby.



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