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Show Notes

Thursday, July 19th 2018

7:40am Careers In Cannabis – What You Need To Know: From the kind of jobs available to the downsides of working in the industry, HR Expert Debby Carreau shares what you need to know if you are considering a career in cannabis.


 8:20 Professional Design Help for One Lucky Viewer! Did you win? Find out how our design expert Karla Dreyer solves one BT viewer’s design dilemma.


Wednesday, July 18th 2018

7:40am News1130 Staff help citizen in need: It’s a call that started out as a complaint. We chat with News 1130’s Jon Szekeres and Bruce Claggett about what they did to help save the life of one of their listeners.


8:20am The Stanley Park Open In Full Swing: The Stanley Park Open has inspired us! Find out which host is the better tennis player and what you can expect if you plan on attending this free event, one of the biggest amateur tennis tournaments in North America.


8:40am Sun Safety & Vitamin D:  Why is staying sun safe and taking Jamieson Vitamin D supplements the perfect combination for a healthy summer?  We find out when Family Physician Dr. Yvette Lu joins us in the BT studio.

Tuesday, July 17th 2018

740am How To Stop Sharing Fake News: NEWS 1130 radio reporter Lasia Kretzel is getting international attention for calling out a British politician for spreading incorrect information on social media. We get the details.


820am Summer Hiking Safety: Heading into the mountains for some summer hiking? We find out what the leading causes of getting lost are and how you can help prevent it from happening to you.


840am Hot Summer Toys: We check out how to keep your kids entertained with the Granville Island Toy Company!



Monday July 16th 2018

Summer Health Tips: From the spices you need to use to reduce the health risks of grilling meat and fish to a healthier DIY sports drink, alternative health expert Bryce Wylde shares his summer health tips.


World Snake Day: On World Snake Day, we meet some of these fascinating reptiles, get to know where they live, how they behave, and their important role in our fragile ecosystem.


Cooking Thai With Chef Pai! Chef Pailin Chongchitnan, a.k.a Chef Pai, makes Green Curry Fried Rice ahead of this summer’s Thailand Festival.


Friday, July 13th 2018

7:40 Thor’s Hammers: Skyscraper & Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation


8:20 Common summer injuries in kids: BC Children’s Hospital shares important information and best prevention tips.


8:40 Catching up with the B.C. Lions: Emmanuel Arceneaux  stops by for some coaching, and, a look ahead to Saturday’s big game against the Blue Bombers. Plus, why the game is also huge for local food banks!


Thursday, July 12th 2018

Divorce?  There’s An App For That: The debate is on over an app that some feel makes divorce too easy. David Zura reports.


Heartbreak For England Soccer Fans: Our very own Tom Walsh reflects on a devastating loss!


Throwback Thursday With Russ Lacate: We take a trip down memory lane with some vintage Russ Lacate photos!


7:40am 2018 FIFA World Cup Final Preview: We look ahead to Sunday’s big game!


8:20am The Reality Of Renting: Just how tight is the local rental housing market? We check in with realtor Leo Wilk.



Wednesday, July 11th 2018

How Fashionable Are Canadians? You might be surprised by the results of a recent survey. Tom Walsh reports.


Canada’s Ultimate Bartender: A big competition is underway in Vancouver. It will decide the best bartender in Canada. Travis Prasad reports.


8:20am Poke – What You Need To Know: From what it is to her recommendations of where to try it, food columnist Gail Johnson tells us everything you need to know about Poke, the Hawaiian dish taking Vancouver by storm.


8:40am High-Tech Commuting: E-bikes, hi-tech helmets and gadgets…tech journalist Akash Sablok shows us some of the latest in bikes and cycling gear.




Tuesday, July 10th 2018

Catching Up With Patrick Chan: Figure skating champion Patrick Chan previews the upcoming Thank You Canada Tour, how he plans to help future skaters and shares his new passion for pottery.


PNE’s Wooden Rollercoaster Turns 60!: As Tom Walsh reports, Canada’s oldest wooden roller coaster isn’t slowing down one bit.


Greyhound Bus Service Cuts In B.C.: By October 31st, only one Greyhound route will exist in B.C. Ashley Burr reports from Pacific Central Station in Vancouver.


8:20am Richmond’s Rabbit Problem: We speak with a Richmond mother and nurse who says the city’s rabbit population is out of control plus we learn how she’s taken matters into her own townhouse backyard.



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