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Show Notes

Monday, Apr 30th 2018

7:40am ‘Dancing with the Stars: Athletes’ starts tonight on City! We try step into Salsa with Coquitlam’s Larkyn Austman!


8:20am Healing power of pets at the hospital: On National Therapy Animal Day we meet one furry friend and find out how the unconditional love of animals is making a big difference at BC Children’s Hospital.


8:40am BBQ Fire Safety Tips:  From the leading causes of grill fires to what you need to check before you turn your grill on for the first time, Vancouver Fire & Rescue Services’ Captain Jonathan Gormick joins us to help make sure your grilling season is a safe one.


Friday, Apr 27th 2018

7:40am ‘At My Table’ With Nigella Lawson: We welcome back Nigella Lawson to the BT Studios AND we get a lesson in the kitchen on ‘Chocolate Olive Oil Mousse!’


8:20am Tips To Help Improve Sleep: Posture tips that can contribute to sound sleep and how it can improve your mental and physical health? Posture expert Dr. Liza can demonstrate five simple stretches to help Canadians drastically improve their sleep.


8:40am Best Foods For Your Skin: Skin looking a little rundown? Before you lather on more moisturizers and lotions you might want to think about what you are eating. Dr. Kate Rheaume joins us in the BT studio for tips on the types of foods you should put on your plate that can boost your health and improve the look of your skin.


Thursday, Apr 26th 2018

710am: Examining The Toronto Van Attack Police Response: Former Delta Police Chief Jim Cessford has trained police officers internationally on hostage negotiations and high-risk incidents. He joins us live in studio with his reaction to the Toronto Van Attack & the officer who took down the suspect without shooting.


7:40am: Remembering ‘The Boy On The Beach’ : Tima Kurdi joins us to discuss her book, The Boy On The Beach, an intimate and poignant memoir about the family of Alan Kurdi—the young Syrian boy who became the global emblem for the desperate plight of millions of Syrian refugees—and of the many extraordinary journeys the Kurdis have taken, spanning countries and continents


820am: How To Improve Your Personal Safety: From the 4 A’s of personal safety to some simple physical concepts that can provide an opportunity for escape, we learn how to improve our level of personal safety when members of the VPD’s Women’s Personal Safety team join us in the BT studios.


840am: Organ Donor Awareness: Two patients, four transplants. The powerful story of organ donation as told by two recipients. Why the need for donation may be greater now than ever.


Wednesday, April 25th 2018

7:40am Sitting down with City of Coquitlam Mayor Greg Moore: Moore ‏who will not seek re-election after serving as the city’s mayor for the last 10 years! We talk biggest challenges & legacy left behind.

A Chat With Port Coquitlam Mayor Greg Moore

8:20am Strange Dog Behaviour Explained: From eating poop to chasing tails, BC SPCA’s Senior Manager, Behaviour & Welfare joins us in the BT studios to help us understand our dog’s behaviour.


8:40am Top 5 Most Wasted Food Items: Did you know that every Canadian, on average, tosses away 170 kilograms of food a year? We find out the top 5 wasted food items and how to store them properly.


Tuesday, Apr 24th 2018

8:20am Behind the death-defying act: Matt Johnson’s quest to make ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ realized. What it took to get there, the death-defying act, and the powerful role failure played in the escapologist’s journey.


8:40am Easy Patio Decor: It’s practically patio season! Dress up your patio furniture and prepare to add some sizzle to the outdoor entertainment season. Design Expert Karla Dreyer shows us how it’s done!



Monday, April 23rd 2018

8:20am Canadian Infertility Awareness Week.  From what the diagnosis means to how to choose the right fertility clinic & reproduction specialist. We learn what you need to know if you have been diagnosed with infertility.


8:40am Workplace Lunch Etiquette:  Do you eat your lunch at your desk?  Should you?  Find out when Charles the Butler shares his tips on workplace lunch etiquette plus how to handle office lunch theft.


Friday, Apr 20th 2018

7:40am: Thor’s Hammers! Thor reviews Amy Schumer’s new comedy ‘I Feel Pretty’ plus drops the hammers on ‘Super Troopers 2’.


8:20am: Another Gold For Team Canada…Six Years Later! Canadian weightlifter Christine Gerard responds to victory in London, six years later. The Olympian from White Rock will trade in her bronze for gold. Her reaction to the belated Olympic win.


8:40am: Today is 420 Vancouver: Have you talked to your kids about marijuana? Dr. Shimi Kang shares her tips on how to navigate the conversation.



Thursday, Apr 19th 2018

7:40am: Budding Enterprise: Riaz & Tara Jean get insight behind the scenes at a local cannabis dispensary into how these shops are operating right now & what could change when marijuana becomes legal in Canada.


8:20am: The Business Of Cannabis Culture: We look at some of the hot topics surrounding pot use in Canada with the creator of a brand new web series that focuses on cannabis culture


8:40am: Mentorship 101: From the difference between a mentor and a coach to how to find one, bestselling author Paulina Cameron gives us a Mentorship 101.


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