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Show Notes

Wednesday, February 28th 2018

7:15am Amanda Todd’s Legacy: On Pink Shirt Day we connect with Amanda Todd’s mom Carol, on her commitment to raising awareness about mental health, depression in teens, and, how together we can tackle bullying and cyber abuse.


7:40am Olympic Gold Medalist Patrick Chan: Fresh off the last competition of his figure skating career, 3-time Olympic medalist Patrick Chan joins as on BT as he reflects on the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang and talks about what is next!


8:20am Chat With The Port Moody Chief: Chat with the Chief! Port Moody Police Chief Dave Fleugel joins us on Pink Shirt Day to discuss bullying and cyber-bullying plus other issues impacting his city.


8:40am Understanding Bullying: Today is Pink Shirt Day. A day to take a stand against bullying. But before we can stop bullying, we need to understand it. Dr. Shimi Kang joins us in the BT studio to help us do just that.


Monday, February 26th 2018

7:40am Last Minute RRSP Tips:  Hoping to squeak in an RRSP contribution ahead of the March 1st deadline? Credit Counseling Society’s Scott Hannah brings his best last minute tips, and looks ahead to how you can start getting ahead for next year.


8:20am Kiah’s First Kiss:  Kiah Tucker has joined KISS radio!  We get the details on what’s in store.


Friday, February 23rd 2018

7:40am: Thor’s Hammers: Thor reviews Natalie Portman’s new sci-fi thriller ‘Annihilation’, based on the chilling bestseller from author Jeff VanderMeer.


8:15am How To Beat the Belly Bloat: Trying to eat better in 2018? Sometimes making healthier food choices comes with hidden and unforeseen consequences. Alternative Health Expert Bryce Wylde shares the three natural and healthy things you might be doing that are making you feel worse…


8:20am Rick Hansen: It’s all about accessibility. Rick Hansen joins us live on the BT Couch.


8:40am Spring Cleaning Garage Makeover:  You will be amazed at this transformation!  Cityline DIY Expert Leigh-Ann Allaire Perrault shares how she renovated her once neglected garage into a dream workspace with the help of these innovative and affordable DIY projects.


Thursday, Feb 22nd 2018

740 NHL trade deadline: It’s just days away! Sportnet 650 joins us to talk about what we can expect from the Canucks!


820 What you need to know about Macular Degeneration: If you’re over 50, age-related macular degeneration could be a concern when it comes to your eyehealth. We’ll hear from an optometrist tips for protection and prevention.


840 Phoenix Perennials: We get the best winter planting tips and learn how to grow outside of your condo or patio!



Wednesday, Feb 21st 2019

Curling 101!

Hurry! Hard! Riaz learns to curl at the Vancouver Curling Club! Discover how to put a rock in the house and why curling might just become your new favourite sport.


Toast The Coast!

Ready to throw your money behind B.C. wine? From the island to the interior, expert DJ Kearney introduces us to the dynamic industry that is producing wine in almost every corner of the province.


The Politics Of Body Language

Behaviour expert and author Mark Bowden explains how you can tell a lot from a politician based on their unique body language – everything from handling hecklers to hefty handshakes.

The Politics Of Body Language

Tuesday, Feb 20th 2018

8:20am OWL Rehab joins us to discuss the number of eagles that are coming into their care with lead poisoning, why it is happening and their strategies to reduce it.

8:40am Heart disease is the number one killer of women of all ages.  From what to eat to how much you should exercise, Registered Dietitian Karlene Karst shares lifestyle strategies that will help you reduce your risk.

Monday, Feb 19th 2018

740am School Shooting Cartoon Goes Viral: ‘Hero’s Welcome’ has helped many heal. Vancouver illustrator Pia Guerra joins us to share the inspiration behind her powerful artwork.


8:20am How much is too much when it comes to kids and screen time? We speak with a nurse and co-author of a recent U.B.C. study that had some surprising results.


8:40am Hosting an Olympic viewing party? Why not include some of the many interesting and delicious alcoholic beverages from Korea! Libations expert Darryl Lamb shares some of the most popular Korean drinks you need to try



Friday, Feb 16th 2018

740am: Thor’s Hammers!  The wait is over for Marvel fans. Black Panther claws his way onto the big screen & Thor Diakow  drops the Hammers!

820am: Figure Skating 101: Inspired by the Olympics, Tara Jeans hits the ice to get the basic how-to!

840am: Gung Hei Fat Choi!Stephanie Yuen shares the “Must Have Lunar New Year Food” as we celebrate the Year of the Dog!

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