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Show Notes

Wednesday, Jan 31st 2018

8:20am This celebrated local Chef lost 62 pounds in 6 months and dropped his body fat from 34% to 13.5%.  How did he do it?  We find out when the Cactus Clubs’ Rob Feenie joins us in the studio.


8:40am 5 more sleeps until Super Bowl Sunday!  Lifestyle expert Natalie Langston joins us to show us some simple DIY decorations and quick and delicious dip ideas that will make this Sunday super!!!

DIY Super Bowl Party Ideas

Tuesday, Jan 30th 2018

7:40am An Undercover Mission that reveals high school today: In the new docuseries ‘Undercover High’, Shane Feldman goes back to high school, embedded as a teen, to uncover what life is really like for a public high school student today.


8:20am Super Blue Total Lunar Eclipse – What You Need To Know: The hours before sunrise on January 31 will offer a rare treat for North American skywatchers…a chance to witness a “super blue total lunar eclipse”.  To help you prepare for this celestial phenomenon, Astronomer Derek Kief joins us in the BT studio!


 8:40am Love Our Bodies, Love Ourselves:  Ahead of Eating Disorders Awareness Week, we talk to two women on the frontlines.  One has battled anorexia nervosa and is now a nurse & patient advocate and another is a psychiatrist and eating disorder specialist.  They join us to talk about finding hope and help.


Friday, Jan 26th 2018

7:40am Thor’s Hammers:  The Maze Runner trilogy comes to an action-packed conclusion. Thor drops the Hammers on ‘The Death Cure’.


8:20am Tackling Vancouver’s Drug Problem:  Author and journalist Travis Lupick sheds some light on Vancouver’s ongoing opioid epidemic by looking at how a group of drug users transformed the city’s struggle with addiction issues.


8:40am A spot in the 2019 Rugby World Cup in Japan is on the line!  Canadian rugby players Andrew Ferguson and Giuseppe du Toit join us to talk about the big game on Saturday at BC Place.


Thursday, Jan 25th 2018

7:40am Top 5 Deal Destinations for 2018:  Find out which destinations offer the biggest bang for your travel buck when Travelzoo’s Gabe Saglie shares his top 5 deal destinations for 2018.


8:20am Words you should NEVER use in an Email: And other winning tips that will help you stand out for all the right reasons in business. CEO Whisperer Cameron Herold shares some of his best.


8:40am Its Robbie Burns Day and we’ve got bagpipers and haggis!  Find out just what goes into Scotland’s National dish and the best way to prepare it.


Wednesday, Jan 24th 2018

7:40am Canadian Singer-Songwriter Lights:  Iconic Canadian singer-songwriter Lights is back with a brand new album and tour. She joins us live to chat about her latest musical endeavours.


8:20am Encountering Urban Wildlife:  Coyotes and raccoons and skunks, oh my! We’ll get some helpful tips on what to do when you encounter urban wildlife.


8:40am Robbie Burns Day Libations! expert Darryl Lamb shares some fun facts about this famous poet and shows us how you can celebrate with more than just Scottish whisky…how about some Scottish gin or beer!


Tuesday, Jan 23rd 2018

7:40am The dangers of the Tide Pod Challenge: What you need to know from an ER doctor at St. Paul’s Hospital.


8:20am Ready To Quit Smoking?  How To Find Help:  It’s National Non-Smoking Week. Ready to quit smoking or know someone who is?  A Doctor joins us in the BT studio to share tips on what you should do first, expenses the province will cover and how long it takes your body to repair itself once you have stopped.

Ready To Quit Smoking? How To Find Help

8:45am How to lose the baby weight: Wellness Coach Catherine Roscoe Barr reveals how she got back to her pre-baby weight in 9 weeks.


Monday, Jan 22nd 2018

7:40am Chat with the chief! We sit down with Dave Jones of the New Westminster Police Department to chat safety & top priorities!


8:20am Budget Basics: Do you know what percentage of your income should go to housing Transportation? Food? Find out when Sands & Associates’ Blair Mantin takes us through the basics of budgeting and reveals the biggest mistake people make.



Friday, Jan 19th 2018

820am: Thor’s Hammers: Thor reviews Chris Hemsworth in ‘12 Strong’, a war drama based on true events, plus drops the Hammers on Christian Bale’s new western ‘Hostiles’.


840am: No bugs, no crowds! From the kind of tent you should use and how to set it up – tips on how to start a fire, Scouts Canada shares winter camping basics!



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