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Show Notes

Friday, December 29th 2017

8:10am Georgia Nicols Has Your 2018 Astrological Forecast: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer.


8:20am Georgia Nicols Has Your 2018 Astrological Forecast: Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio.


8:40am Georgia Nicols Has Your 2018 Astrological Forecast: Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces.



Thursday, Dec 28th 2017

8:20am Tax deductions you are most likely to forget about! H&R Black has these tips to make sure you don’t miss out on when filing.


8:40am Picking The Perfect Bottle Of Bubbly for Every Budget: New Year’s Eve is fast approaching.  From how to read the label to how to save some money, we get expert tips on picking the right bottle of bubbly for every budget.


Wednesday, Dec 27th 2017

Thor’s Top 10 Movies Of 2017: It’s that time of year again! Thor counts down his top 10 favourite movies of the year. Find out which cinematic gems made the cut!


Friday, December 22nd 2017

7:40 am #1 Story of 2017 Part One – Trump:  We look back at the year that started with President Donald Trump’s inauguration and how his reactions and decisions have impacted the world.


8:20am #Story of 2017 Part Two – #MeToo: We look back at how the movement began and the aftermath.
8:40am BT Blooper Reel 2017: Have a laugh as we air the best of our worst moments of 2017!



Thursday, Dec 21st 2017

820am: Classic Christmas Holiday Movies! Thor Diakow shares his top picks this holiday season!


840am: Winter Fashion Trends For Men! For the first full day of winter, Men’s Stylist Jason Sarai,  showcases the top Winter Fashion Trends for men this season.

Men’s Winter Fashion Trends!


Wednesday, Dec 20th 2017

740: #3 Story of 2017: BC Wildfires


820: Medical Mission Accomplished! Meet several of the St. Paul’s Hospital team just back from a three week humanitarian medical mission in Guatemala where they performed 385 surgeries, many of those patients were children.


Tuesday, Dec 19th 2017

7:40am #4 News Story Of 2017: Housing: Vancouver is one of the more expensive places in the world and it appears to be getting worse.


8:20am Set a Festive Holiday Table: How to turn the kitchen table into a festive dining set up sure to impress your holiday guests.


8:40am Wrap This! Karla Dreyer shows us some creative ways to present your gifts this holiday season, and puts our hosts to the test!



Monday, Dec 18th 2017

8:20am: What every condo owner should know before considering a strata wind-up: If the prospect of selling to a developer is an appealing one, a Vancouver real-estate lawyer has the insight every condo owner should consider before voting to proceed. #VanRe


8:40am: Holiday Pet Safety: What you need to know so the most wonderful time of the year, is that for your pets too. Holiday pet safety tips from the BC SPCA.



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