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Show Notes

Thursday, Nov 2nd 2017

7:40am It’s the Whitecaps biggest game of the year.  Sportsnet 650’s Satiar Shah gives us a preview of tonight’s conference semi-final game.


8:20am The Power of the Special Olympics:  We talk about the power of the Special Olympics with Ambassador Alexander Pang and Vancouver Canucks Forward Brandon Sutter.


8:40am Turning Back The Clock & Your Health:  Early Sunday morning the clocks turn back.  Dr. Yvette Lu joins us to discuss what it means for your sleep patterns and how you can address any adverse effects.


Wednesday, Nov 1st 2017

8:20am Movember:  Movember and men’s health is the focus.  From prostate cancer to mental health we tackle why men are dying 6 years younger than women and how we can all help the men in our lives live longer.


8:40am Robert Bateman:  Canadian naturalist and painter Robert Bateman joins us for an exploration of his vision of the Canadian landscape, coast to coast in his just published art book Robert Bateman’s Canada


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