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Show Notes

Thursday, Nov 16th 2017

8:20am The Benefits of Giving: Why does it feel so good to give? We celebrate National Philanthropy Day by welcoming back Dr. Shimi Kang to talk about the benefits of giving from the individual and group perspective.


8:40am Stocking Your Liquor Cabinet For The Holiday Season:  It is never too early to start prepping for the holiday entertaining season!  Wine & Spirits Expert Lara Victoria shares her tips on everything from which wines to have on hand to how to save money.


Wednesday, Nov 15th 2017

8:20: How to bring ‘Hygge’ into your home: Feeling happier and more connected in your home can come down to one simple design concept. Design Expert Karla Dreyer shows us how to ‘Hygge’ it up (pronounced ‘HUE-guh’).


8:40: How to welcome your rescue dog home: Professional Dog Trainer Shelagh Begg introduces us to her new rescue Reggie, and shows us what you need to know before you bring your new rescue dog joins your fold.


Friday, Nov 10th 2017

7:40am Thor’s Hammers: Kenneth Branagh stars in and directs the classic Agatha Christie mystery ‘Murder on the Orient Express’. Thor drops the Hammers on the brand new remake.

8:40am Why We Remember:  As final preparations get underway, we talk to the man behind Vancouver’s Remembrance Day Ceremony and talk to a veteran about what wearing a poppy and the ceremony means to him.

Thursday, Nov 9th 2017

8:20am Veteran Transition Network: We chat about the challenges faced entering back into civilian life.

How Veterans Transition To Civilian Life

8:40am How to get proper posture at work: We’re talking ergonomics and how to make sure you are keeping yourself ‘in line’ on the job!



Wednesday, Nov 8th 2017

8:20am Winter Recreation Safety Tips:  Outdoor enthusiast and safety expert Dave Norona returns with all the tips and gear you’ll need to stay safe before heading out into the wilderness for some winter recreation.


8:40am How To Stage Your Home To Sell Now! Urban Presentations’ Jane Crompton shares the Top Five Key Tips to Stage your Home to Sell NOW.


Tuesday, Nov 7th 2017

8:20am How New Mortgage Rules will Affect You: If you’re hoping to buy or looking to refinance, new mortgage stress testing rules coming January 1st may affect what you can qualify for. Mortgage broker Feisal Panjwani explains the changes.


8:40am Marisol Nichols:  She plays Hermione Lodge on the hit show ‘Riverdale’. We catch up with actress Marisol Nichols and chat about the series’ ever-growing popularity plus what it’s like to film in Vancouver.


Monday, Nov 6th 2017

6:20am Common Investor Mistakes:  Moneysense Magazine’s Bruce Sellery shares 4 common investor mistakes.


7:40am BT gets a lesson in salsa dancing! Tara Jean and Thor head over to D2 dance studio to learn some spicy salsa dancing from the pros.


8:20am Gym Equipment You Have Been Afraid To Try:  Intimidated by some of the equipment at your gym?  Dai Manuel shows us how to use them and tells us why they can make a big difference in your next workout.


8:40am Hasbro “Must-Haves” for the 2017 Holiday Season:  Tech toys, games, dolls, interactive friends and more! We show you a selection of the Hasbro holiday “must haves” sure to be at the top of this year’s holiday wish lists!


Friday, Nov 3rd 2017

7:40am Thor’s Hammers:  Marvel is back with a brand new cosmic adventure – Thor reviews ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ plus the ladies return for more hilarious shenanigans in ‘A Bad Moms Christmas’.


8:20am Winter Gardening Tips: A ‘wintery mix’ of weather is headed our way.  What does that mean for your garden? Find out when Phoenix Perennials joins us in studio



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