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Show Notes

Thursday, Oct 19th 2017

8:20am: Co-Chairs of the 150 Leading Canadians for Mental Health Campaign, Jim and Sandi Treliving join us with Difference Maker David Grenier to share how some special Canadians are overcoming mental illness.


8:40am: Getting up close & personal with a kestrel & a barn owl with the Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society, plus your chance to win tickets to their gala this weekend.


Tuesday, Oct 17th 2017

7:10am WE Day Co-Founder Craig Kielburger shares how 20,000 BC students are about to celebrate the youth movement to tackle global and local social issues.


8:20am “How can we fix hockey’s concussion problem with one simple step? Canadiens’ legend Ken Dryden and author of the new book “Game Change” shares the answer at 8:20 on BT Tuesday.”


8:40am Halloween & Fall Décor on a Dime: Halloween and fall trends you can do up for the season, yourself! How to give your summer lantern a spooky makeover, and get the trendy rope bowl, for WAY less, when you do it yourself!


Monday, Oct 16th 2017

6:40, 7:40, 8:10am: Can TJ keep up with the ladies at the Oakridge Seniors Centre? How line dancing keeps them fit and sharp.

8:20am We chat with Murdoch Mysteries’ Yannick Bisson and Helene Joy!

8:40am Perfect For Your Next Party – Authentic Mexican Dips! They are perfect for your next party or get together.  Learn how to make these authentic Mexican dips when Chef Rossana Ascencio joins us in the BT kitchen!

Friday, Oct 13th 2017

6:50am/8:10am:  Sliding down the pole is not as easy as it looks! Tara Jean heads inside the Burke Mountain Fire Station in Coquitlam.

Sliding Down The Fire Pole Isn’t Easy!

7:40am Thor’s Hammers:  Jackie Chan gets dramatic in the political action thriller ‘The Foreigner’ plus Thor drops the Hammers on the new horror flick ‘Happy Death Day’.


8:20am We introduce you to Andrew Teel, an inspiring Vancouver teen who is making a difference and giving back to the community.


8:40am Tips & Tricks for Preparing Fish With Chef Ned Bell:  Ned Bell, Ocean Wise Executive Chef, joins us to share his tips on fish prep and his Arctic Char with parsnips and lentils recipe from his new cook book Lure.


Thursday, Oct 12th 2017

7:40am Revelations about Harvey Weinstein have put the issue of sexual harassment back on the front page.  What do you do if you are the target of harassment?  How do you prevent a work environment where these behaviours are tolerated?  HR Expert Debby Carreau weighs in.


8:20am Axe-throwing:  It’s called the “Clash of the Axes” at Harvest Haus…we try our hand at axe-throwing!


8:40am Best of Bridge: The ‘Best of Bridge’ ladies are back! We’re in the kitchen whipping up Moroccan Chicken Stew just in time for fall.



Wednesday, Oct 11th 2017

7:40am Busting Winter Tire Myths:  We tell you why you don’t need snow to need snow tires when we bust the top 3 winter tire myths with tire expert Geoff Wiebe.


8:20am New Season, New Fitness Routine: Ready to take your workout indoors? Professional Obstacle Course Racer Allison Tai shows us how to get the most out of the most common and affordable pieces of fitness equipment. Plus, how to psyche yourself for a whole new range of exercise options that befit the new fall season.


8:40am Packing the Perfect Bag: Lifestyle Expert Tina Barkley shows us how to pack the perfect bag for everything from the gym to a weekend getaway with these Shoppers Drug Mart Top Picks.


Tuesday, Oct 10th 2017

7:40am World Mental Health Day: We talk to entrepreneur and former CFL linebacker Shea Emery about his experiences with depression and why “it’s okay to not be okay”.


8:20am Thor’s Hammers:  A late edition of Hammers as Thor reviews the highly-anticapted sci-fi sequel Blade Runner 2049 plus My Little Pony: The Movie.


8:40am How To Prevent & Treat Muscle and Joint Pain Naturally:  Dr. Joyce Johnson explains why we experience soreness in our muscles and joints and the natural ways we can prevent and treat it.



Friday, Oct 6th 2017

8:20am Hall of Flame Calendar! We preview the 2018 Hall of Flame Calendar with members of the Vancouver Fire Department and learn about how it helps support a great cause.


8:40am How To Make The Perfect Pumpkin Pie:  Just in time for the big Thanksgiving weekend, we get tips on making the perfect pumpkin pie from Gabi&Jules.

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