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Show Notes

Friday, Sept 29th 2017

8:20am Fall Home Design Trends:  From furniture to fixtures, Cityline’s Design Expert Shai Deluca and Colour Expert Sharon Grech share their top 2017 fall design trends from IDS Vancouver.


8:40am How To Introduce A New Dog To Your Home: Fallen in love with a dog or puppy at your local spca? We find out what you need to know when you bring that new family member home for the first time.


Thursday, Sept 28th 2017

8:20am 5 things to know about Sake! From how to properly read the label to how to serve it, we learn the 5 things you need to know about sake as we get ready for world sake day.


8:40am Fall Furnace Safety: Turning on your furnace? Vancouver Fire and Rescue explains what your home safety check should consist of.


Wednesday, Sept 27th 2017

8:20am 50 Years of the Georgia Straight: Cheeky, saucy, edgy and on point. The Georgia Straight has put out papers with covers that have sparked many a conversation for 50 years. We sit down with founder Dan McLeod and long time contributor Doug Sarti, who show off some of their favourites.


8:40am Red Carpet Beauty Trends: Put a little red carpet in your fall look!  Flare Vancouver Correspondent Samantha Sito shares the must-try beauty products that will give you that red hot, red carpet look!  Plus you could win a $250 Rexall gift card!


Tuesday, Sept 26th 2017

6:15am Daily Download:  Tesla may be getting into retail and robots walk more like humans if they’re flexible.

8:20am How To Draft-Proof Your Home & Reduce Heating Costs:  It’s one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to reduce your BC hydro bill.  We learn 3 simple steps you can take to draft proof your home.


Monday, Sept 25th 2017

7:40am Hedley Returns! The boys are back! Hedley makes a triumphant return to the BT studios for more hijinks plus chat about their brand new album and tour.


8:20am Thor’s Hammers: Thor reviews the new comedic spy thriller Kingsman: The Golden Circle plus drops the Hammers on The Lego Ninjago Movie.


8:40am How to get a good night’s sleep: How creating healthy morning and evening rituals can help you get a good night’s sleep. Wellness coach Catherine Roscoe Barr reveals her best tips, plus the latest science that will help you capture more of those coveted z’s.


Friday, Sept 22nd 2017

7:20am A final farewell for the Empire Landmark! The iconic West End building may be coming down, but as Greg Harper reports, the memories will live on.


8:40am Garnier Canada Makeovers Revealed! We reveal the 3 winners new looks with Garnier Canada’s hair expert Roger Medina and get great pro-tips you can use at home


Thursday, Sept 21st 2017

8:20am Scouts: Tips For Fall Camping! From the right kind of tent to why staying hydrated is just as important in the cold weather…the Scouts join us for some fall camping tips!


8:40am How To Create A Great Study Space At Home: Setting up a quality study corner doesn’t take a lot of space. Design expert Karla Dreyer reveals how to turn a wall, a nook and a solarium into an ideal command centre.


Wednesday, Sept 20th 2017

7:40am The Golden House: Award-winning author Salman Rushdie talks about his new book “The Golden House”, explores the real challenge of modern day politics and shares advice on what every aspiring writer needs to remember.


8:20am Formers Hells Angel Joe Calendino:  Former Hells Angel Joe Calendino details his past struggles with the gang world and how he teaches youth about the dangers of gang life.


8:40am Rick Hansen: The Man In Motion himself, Rick Hansen, celebrates 30 years since his historic tour and details some of his favourite moments from the iconic journey.


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