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Show Notes

Thursday, Aug 31st 2017

8:20am Why Kids Need Risk, Fear and Excitement in play:  From exploring their neighbourhood to climbing trees, Dr. Mariana Brussoni discusses the importance of “risky” play and what it gives our children.


8:40am Dorm Room Design on a Dime: From a DIY headboard to organizing your dorm room to make the best use of a small space, Design Expert Karla Dreyer brings her best, frugal tips – sourcing most of her items from the thrift store!

Wednesday, Aug 30th 2017

Saving time at the grocery store with Click & Collect! We check out these new tips and tricks at the Real Canadian Superstore and learn how you can save time and energy the next time you plan your big shop!


8:20am Proper Etiquette When Posting Pictures Of Kids: Do you need a parent’s permission before you post a picture of their child online? Should you be asking your child’s permission before posting a photo of them on social media? Parenting expert Brandy Wiebe weighs in on the tricky world of online picture etiquette when it comes to kids.


8:40am Hot Right Now! What You Need To Know About Bourbon:  Bourbon has never been hotter.  We take a look at the basics of this American spirit and how it differs from American whiskey and rye.


Tuesday, August 29th 2017

740am: How to survive on a student’s budget: Leslie Scorgie discusses the biggest financial mistakes you can make in heading back to school.


820am: An Amazing Summer Of Baseball They’ve been away for over a month! Today on BT the White Rock-South Surrey Little Leaguers recap an amazing summer of baseball.


Monday, August 28th 2017

7:40am Cow Milking At The PNE! Tara Jean and Riaz get a lesson in cow milking.  Find out who filled the bucket best!


8:20am The Good Mother Project: It aims to share the realities of motherhood with honesty, bravery & heart. We find out how it’s helping those struggling with Post Partum Depression.


8:40am Hottest Back-to-school Trends:  It is easier than ever to do your back-to-school shopping online! We explore the hottest back-to-school trends and products available in the Amazon.ca Back to school store.


Friday, August 25th 2017

7:40am Thor’s Hammers: ‘Twilight’ star Robert Pattinson stars in a gritty new crime drama, Thor drops the Hammers on ‘Good Time’.

8:20AM How To Avoid ‘The Freshman 15’: Staying healthy during post-secondary school life can be a challenge. Fitness expert Dai Manuel returns with helpful tips on how to avoid ‘The Freshman 15’ and keep off those pesky pounds while having enough time for studies.

8:40am Nutritional Yeast: What is it? Why is it good for you? How do you cook with it? Registered Dietitian Desiree Nielsen shows us why nutritional yeast deserves a place in your kitchen.

Thursday, August 24th 2017

8:20am It’s the running of the bulls! Bulldogs that is! We preview Petapalooza, the West Coast’s largest outdoor pet festival!


8:40am How did he become the 2nd Fittest Man on Earth? Brent Fikowski shares his amazing journey after winning silver at the Crossfit Games.

Wednesday, August 23rd 2017

7:40am Tips To Ease Back-To-School Anxiety: Anxious feelings are normal and for kids of all ages returning to school.  Dr. Sandra Clark, psychologist with BC Children’s Hospital Mood and Anxiety Disorders Clinic, shares her tips on how parents can ease their child’s anxiety and when to seek more help.


8:20am Living With MS: One in 340 Canadians are living with MS.  National women’s soccer team captain, Christine Sinclair’s mom Sandi is one of them.  Christine joins us in the BT studio to share her story.


8:40am How to give a killer presentation! From Toastmaster to Peak Performance Expert, Delatorro McNeal II  shares the secrets of killer presentations and the question every speaker needs to ask before taking the stage.

Tuesday, Aug 22nd 2017

A Visit to the Tim Horton Children’s Ranch: Kids from low-income families across Canada participate in life-changing camp experiences thanks to Tim Hortons #CampDay. We visit one of these camps the Tim Horton Children’s Ranch in Kananaskis Country, Alberta.


How To Pack A Plastic Free Lunch:  Packing back-to-school lunches will soon be upon us.  Find out how to do it plastic free and how to shop for it plastic free when Tanya Otero with the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup joins us.


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