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Show Notes

Monday, October 31st 2016

7:40am Last Minute Halloween Makeup Hacks! Stencils, stage blood and an easy zombie DIY! John Casablancas has us covered for all your last minute Halloween needs!

Last Minute Halloween Makeup Hacks!

8:20am Your Halloween Costumes And Last Minute Ideas! We’re enjoying your Halloween photos! Plus, John Casablancas explains the many uses of eyelash glue!

Your Halloween Costumes And Last Minute Costume Ideas!

8:40am BT Monsters Revealed! We learn the magic behind Dawn’s fake teeth, Thor’s wolf eyes and Riaz’s prosthetic forehead. Plus, we learn how much work went into creating our BT Monsters.

BT Monsters Revealed!


Friday, October 28th 2016

6:20am How To Be “Comfortable Being Uncomfortable” When You Are An Entrepreneur: She co-founded Blo Dry Bar as part of a class project in University and it quickly grew into an international franchise.  Devon Brooks joins us to tell us how to be “comfortable being uncomfortable” when you are an entrepreneur ahead of her keynote at Rogers Talks. 

How To Be “Comfortable Being Uncomfortable” As An Entrepreneur

7:20am How To Outsmart Your Kids Online: Do you know how much screen time your child gets, which sites they are visiting? Tech expert & author @AmberMac tells us how parents can most effectively and efficiently manage their child’s screen time and help keep them safe online.

How To Outsmart Your Kids Online

7:40am Colin & Justin: Ahead of their Vancouver Home + Design Show appearance, Colin and Justin stop by with some of their best design tips including affordable spends that will yield big returns when you go to sell your home.

Colin & Justin’s Design Tips To = Big Returns When Selling Your Home

8:20am Creepy Cocktails: Innovative, conversation starting drinks to serve your Halloween party guests. Brandywine Bartending School mixes up some themed cocktails.

How To Make Your Own Creepy Cocktails

8:40am From Runway to Room: How to create an haute home for less. Glossy metallics and unexpected colour pairings, CityLine design expert Leigh-Ann Allaire Perrault shows us three luxe-for-less DIY projects to add a unique, stylish twist to your home.

How To Create An Haute Home For Less.

Thursday, October 27th 2016

8:20am Hip Hop Dancer Travis Lim: We chat with local hip hop dance sensation 15-year Travis Lim about his recent world championship event in Austria.

How To Dance Like A Local 15 Year Old Hip Hop Sensation

8:40am How To Make Spooktacular Halloween Treats: From Rice Krispie monsters to ghostly cupcakes, lifestyle expert Tina Barkley inspires with some ghoulishly good Halloween treats!

How To Make Spooktacular Halloween Treats


Wednesday, October 26th 2016

7:40am How To Ease Your Pets Through Halloween:  From fireworks to doorbells and costumes, how to make sure Halloween isn’t stressful on cats and dogs. Plus, the dog that just can’t resist Riaz!

How to ease your pets through Halloween:

8:20am Easy Halloween DIY Decor: Give your porch, patio, or corner of your condo a frightfully festive feel with easy, kid-friendly DIY Halloween décor.

Easy Halloween DIY Décor

8:50am The Man Who Shot The Racist Rant Video: When Ravi Duhra decided to record a racist rant in Abbotsford, he had no idea the attention his video would get.

The Man Who Shot The Racist Rant Video

Tuesday, October 25th 2016

8:20am The Last Gang in Town:  We delve into Vancouver’s disturbing history of gang violence with Aaron Chapman, author of the brand new book ‘The Last Gang in Town’.

The Last Gang in Town

8:40am Breast Cancer Awareness from your Family Doctor: October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. A visit to the doctor can be key to prevention and early diagnosis. Dr Yvette Lu gives us the doctor’s office perspective.

Breast Cancer Awareness from your Family Doctor

Monday, October 24th 2016

7:40am Get Ready To Bike To Work In The Winter!  It’s Bike to Work Week.  We show you how you can ride to work safely and comfortably on the rainiest winter day!

How To Safely And Comfortably Ride Your Bike To Work In The Winter!

 8:20am Halloween Fireworks Safety:  From how to check that the fireworks are certified for use in Canada to how to safely light them, Vancouver Firefighters share what you need to know if you plan to include fireworks in your Halloween celebration.

Got Your Fireworks Permit? Vancouver Fire & Rescue Gets Us Set For A Safe Halloween

8:40am Taste of Persia:  She is a cook who has traveled throughout Persia on a culinary journey to shine a light on the rich food history of this part of the world.  She shares her stories and her knowledge of the spices, herbs and dishes of this exotic region.

The Taste of Persia

Thursday, October 20th 2016

7:40am Final Presidential Debate: UBC’s Eric Merkley is back with the highs and lows and the hits and misses as Trump and Clinton battle it out one last time before America heads to the polls.

UBC Expert: How Clinton Managed To Get Under Trump’s Skin

8:20am 5 Things You Can Do Today To Be Earthquake Prepared:  Ahead of the Great British Columbia ShakeOut, we show you 5 things you can do today to be earthquake prepared.

8:40am 5 Crazy Facts About Your Gut:  Where does gas actually come from?  How many bacteria live in your gut? Registered Dietician Desiree Nielsen shares 5 crazy (and not so polite) facts about your gut.

Wednesday, October 19th 2016

6:05am Justin Trudeau EXCLUSIVE: The Prime Minister marks one year in office. What have been his major accomplishments and what does the future have in store?

EXCLUSIVE: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Marks One Year In Office

7:40am How the Canucks came calling for a UBC Thunderbirds goalie: Matt Hewitt shares what it was like to be called to the big leagues during the Canucks time of need.


How The Canucks Came Calling For A UBC Thunderbirds Goalie

8:20am Bates Motel takes a bow: Actor Kenny Johnson brings us up to speed on the final season and says it is definitely going out on a high note!

Time For Bates Motel To Take A Bow? We Check In On The Final Season

8:40am Four easy ways to refresh your home office: Chatelaine Style Expert Susie Wall shows us chic, easy updates to keep you organized, inspired and productive.


Easy Home Office Updates


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