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Show Notes

Wednesday, August 31st 2016

7:40am How A Civil Engineer Was Recruited Into Wheelchair Rugby: Paralympian Bryon Green makes his Paralympics debut at Rio 2016 later this week. He shares his story!

How A Civil Engineer Was Recruited Into Wheelchair Rugby

8:20am What Were You Doing At 12? This Local Actor Is Making Movies! We chat with young local actor Aiden Longworth about filming with Jamie Dornan in the brand new sci-fi thriller mystery ‘The 9th Life of Louis Drax’

What Is It Like To Work With ‘Christian Grey’ ? Actor Aiden Longworth Dishes

8:40am How To Turn Leftovers Into Tasty Back To School Lunches! Alyssa Bauman and her 12 year old daughter whip up some easy, healthy, innovative back to school lunches kids and parents will love.

How To Turn Leftovers Into Tasty Back To School Lunches!



Tuesday, August 30th 2016

7:40am Hastings Community Little League: They are back from the Little League World Series! We welcome the Hastings Community players back from their big trip.

Hastings Community Little League Returns From The World Series

8:20am Silver Medalist and Author Krista Guloien: How to manage the transition of life after sport Olympic Silver Medalist Krista Guloien sheds light on the mental health struggles athletes face once the endorphin’s fade in her new book “Beyond the Finish Line”.

How To Embrace What’s Next: One Silver Medalist Has This Life Advice.

8:40am On trend, practical and irresistibly cute! We check out kids fall fashion trends for back to school with lifestyle expert Liv Judd.

How To Get Your Kids Dressed In A Practical/Fashionable Way Before They Head Back To Class

Monday, August 29th 2016

7:40am Duran Duran! From being video visionaries, to being influenced by the late great David Bowie, John and Roger Taylor share stories from past and present and tell us who they think is the “IT” artist of this era.

Duran Duran Share Who They Think Is The “IT” Artist Of This Era

8:20am Proxima B: Signs of Intelligent Life? Astronomer Derek Kief joins us to tell us why the discovery of planet Proxima B may finally give us an answer to the age-old question “are we alone in the universe?”

Proxima B & The Other Reasons Why We ‘May Not’ Be Alone In The Universe

8:40  Five Made-In-Vancouver Product Lines to Seek Out for Fall: FLARE Localist Cara McLeay shares her exciting, newest Vancouver finds – from a locally made beauty and body line to super lightweight footwear!

5 Made-In-Vancouver Product Lines to Seek Out for Fall

Friday, August 26th 2016

7:40am Cycling To The Podium: What Does It Take To Win A Medal?  Bronze medallist Laura Brown is back in Vancouver after the opportunity of a lifetime in Rio.  We find out why the young gymnast switched sports as a teenager, which lead to the start of her cycling career in Calgary.

Cycling To The Podium: What Does It Take To Win A Medal?

8:20am Top 3 Bear Attractants In Your Yard:  Everyone plays a role in keeping bears and people safe.  We show you the top 3 bear attractants in your yard and some of the simple steps you can take to reduce the potential for bear and human conflict when Wildsafe BC’s Dan Mikolay joins us in studio.

Top 3 Bear Attractants In Your Yard

8:40 Ultimate Family Arctic Adventure: The Follow Up: The 35 day, unsupported Arctic adventure undertaken by two families, (including 3 kids and a dog). The highs and the lows, plus what they learned about themselves and one of the most diverse ecosystems in the world.

Ultimate Family Arctic Adventure

Thursday, August 25th 2016

7:40am UBC’s Eric Merkley: Why Has Donald Trump Softened His Anti-Immigration Policy? We get the latest on the campaign for the White House.

Why Has Donald Trump Softened His Anti-Immigration Policy?

8:20am Rocker Zakk Wylde: The surprising way legendary rocker Zakk Wylde preps for a big show.

The Surprising Way Legendary Rocker Zakk Wylde Preps For A Big Show

8:40am The Book Of Mormon: Why The ‘Book Of Mormon Created A New Era For Musical Threatre, we catch up with one of the stars.

Why The ‘Book Of Mormon Has Created A New Era For Musical Theatre

Wednesday, August 24th 2016

7:40am Emily Overholt And Her Bronze Medal! She’s been swimming since she was 8. We welcome Emily Overholt to the show to share what the Olympic experience was really like in Rio 2016!

Emily Overholt and Her Bronze Medal On BT!

8:20am How The Whole Way House Is Changing Lives: We hear an inspiring story of how this local charity is helping people on the downtown eastside get active in the community

How The Whole Way House Is Changing Lives

8:40am It’s The Running Of The Bulls…Bull Dogs That Is! Ahead of ‘Petapalooza’ we get up close and personal with some of the stars!

Ahead Of ‘Petapalooza’ We Take Part In The ‘Running Of The Bull Dogs!’

Tuesday, August 23rd 2016

6:10/7:10/8:10am How about a hand with your Back to School shopping budget! You could win a $300 gift card to CF Gift Card redeemable at CF Pacific Centre or CF Richmond Centre.

8:20am How to organize your child’s study space: Why a ‘dumping zone’ is just as important as a comfortable chair and a well lit desk. How to create an inspiring study space to set your child up for success at school this fall.

8:40am How To Make A Healthy, Frozen Treat:  Looking for ways to beat the late summer heat?  How about a traditional Mexican lime, coconut paleta.  Find out how to make this healthy, frozen treat when Registered Dietitian Desiree Nielsen joins us in the BT kitchen!

Monday, August 22nd 2016

7:40am US Travel Deals:  Have you been avoiding travel to the US because of the weak Canadian dollar?  Travelzoo’s Gabe Saglie shows us why late summer is the perfect time to head south with some great travel deals to Las Vegas, Palm Springs and more!

Where To Travel Before You Head Back To School/Work!

8:20am How to prevent and resolve Condo Nightmares: Friction with your condo neighbours? How to resolve differences with your condo neighbours and the new tools available to strata unit owners that will help find and keep the peace.

How To Prevent And Resolve Condo Nightmares

8:40am Tips on Packing A Healthy Lunch:  Parents will soon be faced with the daily challenge of packing lunches for school.  Lifestyle expert and parent Tina Barkley joins us for some great ideas on everything from eco-friendly containers to fun, healthy food kids will want to eat.

How To Pack A Healthy Back To School Lunch

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