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Show Notes

Tuesday, July 19th 2016

6:15am Daily Download:  Canadians looking to catch them all go their big break this weekend.  Pokemon Go finally launched here in Canada but not without some issues.  That story plus a bizarre encounter with a robot out for a walk near Boston.


8:20am Cooking Like a Master Chef:  Celebrity chef Graham Elliot joins us in the BT kitchen and puts Riaz’s culinary skills to the test!


8:40am Anthony Lemke:  Canadian actor Anthony Lemke shares with BT his personal connection with Handicap International and why it’s so important to get involved.


Monday, July 18th 2016

6:15am Daily Download: Nintendo will soon be releasing a smaller version of its original Nintendo Entertainment System to introduce younger players to old favorites!


7:40am Vancouver Whitecaps: Vancouver Whitecaps FC Ambassador Carl Valentine is here for an international soccer challenge preview. What to expect as the team takes on Crystal Palace!


 8:20am Preventing & Putting Out Grill Fires:  Your BBQ can cause a fire.  Would you know how to put it out?  Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services join us to show us how to spot BBQ hazards and how to properly use a fire extinguisher.


8:40am Cooking With Crickets:  Known as the “gateway bug” due to its mild flavour and versatility, Homestead Junction’s Rick Havlak joins us to show us how to get past the “ick” factor and learn to embrace cooking with crickets.


Friday, July 15th 2016

7:40am Thor’s Hammers:  The wait is finally over. Who you gonna call? Thor reviews the highly-anticipated and controversial Ghostbusters reboot.


8:20am Actress Bronagh Waugh:  We chat with Irish actress Bronagh Waugh about her busy schedule, including roles in ‘The Fall’ and ‘Supernatural’.

8:40am Nations Cup:  Over one thousand soccer players representing China, India, England and more will come together to express their ethnic pride and compete for the coveted “Nations Cup” this weekend.  We talk to players and Riaz gets a chance to score a goal!

Thursday, July 14th 2016

6:15am Daily Download:  Looking for a travel deal this summer?  You may want to start with Google.  New features for travel have been unveiled.  That plus a security robot in California is accused of attacking a one year-old child.


8:20am Fighting Mental Illness With Comedy:  We chat with comedian Byron Bertram about his one man show that tackles the sensitive issue of mental illness with a generous dose of comedy.


8:40am Making Chicken and Waffles:  They are considered some of the best in the city. Mamie Taylor’s Tobias Grignon joins us to show us how he makes a brunch favourite – chicken and waffles.


Wednesday, July 13th 2016

6:15am Daily Download:  Robots are about to become even more human-like – this as scientists create robotic muscles.  That plus a video game developer is feeling repercussions after paying Youtubers for positive reviews.


8:20am How Technology Is Changing Our Brains:  Dr. Mari Swingle, author of ‘i-Minds’ warns about the dangers on raising a generation too fixated on technology and screens.


8:40am Festival Fashion Stand out and still be comfortable. Just in time for Pemby Fest, summer music festival chic with Chatelaine Style Expert Susie Wall.



Tuesday, July 12th 2016

6:15am Daily Download:  There’s a new game out on Smartphones – maybe you’ve heard about it?  Pokemon Go has turned into a huge hit for Nintendo – but it’s also creating a lot of issues.  That plus a new way to apply sunscreen completely hands-free.


8:20am Hat Fashion Tips for Men & Women:  Just in time for this weekend’s Deighton Cup, we get tips for men and women on choosing the right hat for your face shape and the occasion.


8:40am How To Make Your Garden Water Wise:  From rain barrels to drought tolerant plants, Brian Minter shows us how to make your garden water wise.


Monday, July 11th 2016

8:20am Music Festival Survival Guide:  Heading to Pemberton this week?  Music festival insider Tyson Villeneuve of The Social Concierge gives us his top 5 tips for making the most of your music festival experience.


8:40am FLARE’s Localist Picks: From the ultimate dry shampoo, to the outfit worthy of toasting the bride, FLARE localist Cara McLeay brings us some of her favourite made in Vancouver sensations, fitting for July.


Friday, July 8th 2016

7:40am Thor’s Hammers:  Thor reviews the animated flick ‘The Secret Life of Pets’.

8:20am  Riaz Learns Some One-On-One Moves: Riaz takes on professional basketball player Will Strickland as we learn more about Full Court 21 a new basketball tournament concept where there are no teammates – it’s just you against the world!

8:40am 2016 VANS Pro Skate Park Series: Witness some of the greatest male and female bowl riders from around the world as they converge here in Vancouver for the 2016 Vans Pro Skate Park Series, skateboarding’s first-ever world championship park terrain series.

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