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Show Notes

Wednesday, June 8th 2016

6:15am Daily Download: A Valet, no matter where you drive! This, thanks to a self-parking feature thought your Smartphone!


7:40am Carl Valentine Recaps MLS Season So Far:  The Vancouver Whitecaps need a win against the Ottawa Fury if the club is going to advance to the final of the Amway Canadian Championship.  Carl Valentine joins us with a look ahead to tonight’s match up and a recap of the M-L-S season so far.


8:20 Bill Graham: Canada’s former Minister of Defense and Minister Foreign Affairs, Bill Graham speaks to BT about his brand new book ‘The Call of the World’.


8:40 How to be the best dressed woman at the wedding, (next to the bride): Who cares about catching the bouquet! Without overshadowing the bride, Chatelaine Style Expert Susie Wall reveals how to make a stylish impression as a wedding guest.






Tuesday, June 7th 2016

7:40am Mother Mother & A New Musical Instrument Lending Program!  – Mother Mother’s Ryan Guldemond joins us to chat about Vancouver’s first musical instrument lending library.

8:20am  Joely Collins & Steve Neufeld Present A New ‘Made In Vancouver’ Series – It’s being described as ‘Breaking Bad’ meets ‘The Breakfast Club’. We speak with actress Joely Collins and writer Steve Neufeld about the made-in-Vancouver series ‘Coded’

8:40am Vancouver Mini Maker Faire: The Vancouver Mini Maker Faire brings samples to BT! We check out robots, 3D printers, ice cream made with liquid nitrogen and jewelry made by an innovative 11 year old ahead of the this weekend’s festival of ingenuity at the PNE Forum.

Monday, June 6th 2016

6:15am #1 in the World and Ready for Rio: The Canadian Paralympic Rugby Team is currently ranked No. 1 in the world in wheelchair rugby. All eyes are now trained on Rio this summer. The day the team roster is announced we talk to Chef de Mission Chantal Petitclerc and Team Canada Wheelchair Rugby co-captain Trevor Hirschfield.


7:40am Adopt a Cat Month! Calling all cat lovers, June is Adopt a Cat Month at the SPCA. We meet some friendly felines looking for forever homes, plus, we get the dish on the Just for Cats Festival.


8:20am Surrey Greek Food Festival: Home made bougatsa. We learn to make this delicacies and get the skinny on the Surrey Greek Food Festival


8:40am Champion of the Crescent: Dust off your paddle board and get ready to race for a great cause. The first race of its kind in BC hits the water off Blackie Spit Park in Surrey next month, raising money for a new children’s mental health facility at Surrey Memorial.


Friday, June 3rd 2016

7:40am Thor’s Hammers: Never Stop Never Stopping! Thor reviews Andy Samberg’s new music mockumentary ‘Pop Star’.


8:20am Actor Jaime Callica: We chat with local actor Jaime Callica about his brand new role in the second season of the hit City show ‘Wayward Pines’.


 8:40am  The Sport of Horse Jumping:  The prestigious Nations Cup is here in B.C. for the first time ever.  Canadian equestrian and Olympian Tiffany Foster gives us a horse jumping 101 including a demonstration of the protective gear a horse wears in competition, a breakdown of the rules and why the Nations Cup is a big deal.


Thursday, June 2nd 2016

7:40am  ‘Behind the Smile’: They were political contemporaries, now Judi Tyabji has written a book on the little-known life story of Christy Clark. As we count down to election 2017, we get Tyabji’s version of the events that have shaped the premier’s personal and professional life.


8:20am  Ujjal Dosanjh: Former politician and social activist Ujjal Dosanjh shares stories from his brand new memoir ‘Journey After Midnight’.


 8:40am Watermelon Recipes Perfect for Summertime Sipping & Eating:  Everyone loves watermelon in the summer heat!  Food writer and instructor Dan Clapson shows us how to use it in a salad, dessert and drink.  Plus we learn how to make pickled watermelon rind!


Here are his delicious recipes:



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