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Show Notes

Friday, April 29th 2016

6:15am NHL Draft Lottery Preview:   The Vancouver Canucks have a shot at winning the NHL draft lottery.  Sportsnet’s Daren Millard gives us a preview.

6:40am A Little Dirt And A Whole Lot of Love:  BT & Scotts shows kids from the Boys & Girls Club how to make the perfect planter for Mom on Mother’s Day.

7:40am Thor’s Hammers:  Thor reviews Key and Peele’s outrageous new comedy ‘Keanu’ and Patrick Stewart takes a villainous turn in the thriller ‘Green Room’.

8:10am Daily Download:  Samsung takes on “Apple Pay” in North America and an underwater robot takes scuba diving to new depths.

8:40am Supporting the Cancer Co-Survivor:  A cancer diagnosis doesn’t just affect the patient who receives it; it also has a life-changing impact on those closest to them.  We meet a husband and wife who are fighting this disease together and talk about the importance of support for both the cancer survivor and the co-survivor.

Thursday, April 28th 2016

8:10am Daily Download:  An injury-free drone to tell you about and a high-tech hair dryer…from Dyson.

8:20am Top 5 Tips For Making Babies Naturally:  Jill Blakeway, NYC’s “Fertility Goddess” and author of the best-selling book Making Babies, shares her top 5 tips for overcoming infertility and making babies naturally.

8:40am Ex-CFL Linebacker Shea Emry Shows Us How To Throw An Axe:  From football to timber sports entrepreneur – Shea Emry shares his latest passion and shows us why the sport of axe throwing is becoming so popular.

Wednesday, April 27th 2016

7:40am Transgender Rights:  Transgender rights will be front and center in Victoria today.  Morgane Oger from the Trans Alliance Society joins us to talk about what activists have planned at the legislature today and when activism goes too far.

8:10am Daily Download:  Thought-controlled drones, changes from Facebook and the number 1 complaint about the iWatch may be addressed.

8:20am Actress Elysia Rotaru:  You’ve seen her in Supernatural and iZombie – now Vancouver actress Elysia Rotaru shares what it’s like to play Arrow’s love interest in the brand new season.

8:40am Guy Style:  Chatelaine Style Expert Susie Wall talks Guy Style. Four ways to take your game to the next level for the new season.

Tuesday, April 26th 2016

6:15am Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund:  He has a New York Times best-selling book, has starred in viral videos like the classic Leafs vs. Habs hockey showdown and now is helping to spread the word about the risks of fleas and ticks for people and their pets.  We welcome Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund to the show tomorrow morning

8:20am Employment Coach Tips for Finding A Summer Job:  It’s that time of year when students need to start thinking of that summer job.  Employment Coach, Garrison Duke joins us to help our youth and parents find the work that is out there!

8:40am What You Should Know About Hearing Loss:  Dr. Yvette Lu joins us to discuss who is at risk for hearing loss, how to prevent it and when to get tested.

Monday, April 25th 2016

7:40am Peter Twist: Peter Twist talks about how TWIST Sport Conditioning has been chosen to lead the Performance Training and Rehabilitation for China athletes for Rio 2016, 2017 China National Games, and the 2018 Winter Games in China.

8:10am Daily Download:  Move over Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – a new social media network launches this week.  Its creator…Sean Parker of Napster fame.  That story plus a camera for goldfish to take selfies.

8:20am Last Minute Tax Tips:  Have you filed your tax return yet?  Caroline Battista shares what you shouldn’t do in the rush to meet the deadline.

8:40am Glowbal Group:  Ahead of Glowbal Group’s 3rd annual BC Children’s Hospital Jeans Day BBQ,Chef Craig dishes up two delicious burger recipes for meat lovers and vegetarians!

Friday, April 22nd 2016

6:15am A Tour of Vancouver’s First Certified Passive House:  Tomorrow is Earth Day.  We get a tour of Vancouver’s first certified Passive House and find out how it is making an impact on Vancouver’s goal to be the Greenest City.

7:40am Chin Injeti:  Chin Injeti is an artist, writer and producer that has won Juno and Grammy Awards for his work producing international superstars like Eminem, Pink, and Drake. He had plenty to say about why Prince’s death is such a massive loss for our generation.

8:10am Daily Download:  It’s a common practice amongst Canadians – use online services to mask your location so you can access additional content on Netflix.  Those days appear to be over.  That story plus it’s the end of an era for Xbox owners.

8:20am Chef Ned Bell & Olympian Simon Whitfield Cook! Their version of Green Eggs and Ham – a delicious, nutritious and easy dish inspired by healthy living and the Canadian Men’s Health Foundation mantra: “Don’t change much”.

8:40am Thor’s Hammers:  Thor reviews the fantasy adventure ‘The Huntsman: Winter’s War’ plus Sally Field stars in the romantic comedy ‘Hello, My Name Is Doris’.

Thursday, April 21st 2016

7:40am National Organ and Tissue Donation Awareness Week: Have you signed up to be an organ donor? Find out how easy it is and hear from two women, who received a second chance at life thanks to organ donation.

8:10am Daily Download:  Make money by posting to Facebook.  It’s something users have wanted to do for some time but has never been an option.  But is the social media network changing the rules?  That story plus an alarm that has a unique way of waking you up – it’s quite shocking actually.

8:20am Making the Most of Spring Veggies:  Spring veggies are beginning to emerge from the ground.  Jackson Triggs Chef Tim Mackiddie, who grows his own herbs and vegetables on the estate, shows us how to make the most of them when he shows us how to prepare and grill asparagus with goat cheese aioli.

8:40am Top Summer Camps for Kids:  Don’t be disappointed!  Now is the time to start thinking about summer camps for your kids.  Vancouvermom.ca Christine Pilkington joins us with her top picks!

Wednesday, April 20th 2016

7:40am Actress Sally Field: Oscar-winning actress Sally Field joins us live from L.A. to talk about her quirky romantic comedy ‘Hello, My Name Is Doris’.

8:10am Daily Download:  IMAX is looking to re-invent itself and it has nothing to do with movies.  That story plus a mattress that can notify you if it thinks your partner is cheating on you.

8:20am Comedian & TV Star Jessica Holmes:  She’s busier than ever! We catch up with comedian and actress Jessica Holmes to chat her latest projects, including a new comedy special and book.

8:40am Spruce up your space for Spring:  Chatelaine Style Expert Susie Wall stops by with the latest spring décor and design trends that will add a little oomph to your space, inside and out.

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