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Show Notes

Tuesday, September 8th 2015

7:20am Quick & Easy Back-to-School Lunches:  We go to school to learn how to prepare quick & easy back-to-school lunches that will impress!  We join Executive Chef Julian Bond at the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts for some lunch box inspiration!

 7:40am  Back-to-School Tips for Adult Learners:  Children and teens aren’t the only people going back to school.  Whether you have some “unfinished business” when it comes to your degree or wish to further your career with more education, we get tips on everything from the application process to fitting school into your busy family and work life.

 8:20am  Learn How To Prepare Spanish Style Tapas:  The Salt Tasting Room’s Sean Heather and Bosa Foods shows us how to make Spanish-style tapas your guests will love.

Friday, September 4th 2015

6:10am Standing Up To Body Shamers: Find out what happened to Vancouver Model Ruby Roxx when she decided to fight back.

7:20am Maplewood Farm:  A lot happens at a farm before 9 AM.  Animals need to get fed, stalls need to be cleaned.  We lend a helping hand and find out what it takes to run a farm when we visit Maplewood Farm as they get ready to celebrate their 40th anniversary.

7:40am Thor’s Hammers:  Robert Redford and Nick Nolte take ‘A Walk in the Woods’ plus Thor reviews ‘The Transporter Refueled’

8:20am Kolton Stewart:  We chat with actor and musician Kolton Stewart about ‘Some Assembly Required’

8:45am Behind the Scenes – A Walk in the Woods:  Thor sits down with Robert Redford and Nick Nolte to chat about their experience making their new film ‘A Walk in the Woods’.

Wednesday, September 3rd 2015

7:20am Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup : From entanglement and ingestion, to pollution and long-term accumulation, shoreline litter negatively impacts ecosystems, wildlife, and people.  Find out which items are the worst offenders and how you can be part of the solution.

 8:20am Matt Good Talks New Album: He’s back with another album, Canadian musician Matthew Good sits down with Riaz for a candid conversation.

 8:40am Ascent for Alzheimer’s: Two Vancouver police officers are about to embark on an arduous journey in the name of Alzheimer’s disease – we hear their inspiring story and learn how you can help.

Tuesday, September 1st 2015

7:20am What You Need for Fall Camping:  From tents to sleeping bags and clothes, we get tips on the fall camping gear you need to keep enjoying the great outdoors in the cooler months.

8:20am Get Local Dinner:  Chef Ned Bell teams up with the 13 year old Little Locavore to host a dinner you can get in on. What’s on the menu, how you can participate and a bit of a sneak peek when the two drop in on the BT kitchen.

8:40am How to Create a Great Study Space:  A great study space can facilitate great learning. Even if you don’t have den, we discover the key elements of setting up a special little corner that will set the scene for good study habits.

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