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Show Notes

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Emergency Prep that Includes your Kids
8:20 – How to include your kids in your emergency preparedness plan without making them anxious and how to talk them through images of disasters like the earthquake in Nepal.

Make your Kids’ Rooms Shine for Spring!
8:40 -No decorator required! Chatelaine Style Expert Susie Wall shows you how to be your own designer with whimsical details guaranteed to spark the imagination.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Knocking Out MS
7:40 -She is a 2 time Canadian Boxing Champion. Today though, Lara Cubitt is in a much different fight. She is our Athlete of the Week.

Salmon Ceviche
8:20 – Burrowing Owl winery’s new executive chef Lee Humphries shows you how to impress your guests with homemade salmon ceviche. Plus, find out about the Spring Okanagan Wine Festival!

How Teaching Charitable Behavior Helps Kids Learn
8:40 – The experts from Sylvan Learning reveal how teaching charitable behavior ties into the idea of giving, and gives kids a greater context for learning.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Stefan Sagmeister: The Happy Show
6:40 – From learning what the happiness “sweet spot” is when it comes to earnings, to practical advice on increasing your feelings of happiness, we spend the morning at The Happy Show at the Museum of Vancouver.

How to train a small dog
7:40 -Chirag Patel and Domesticated Manners have trained dogs around the world. He joins us to debunk the popular belief that small dogs can’t be trained – he’ll show us how it’s done.

Game 6 Analysis with Captain Kirk
8:20 -Kirk McLean joins us with his best perspective on Game 6.

Feed Yourself for $1.75 a Day?
8:40 -The campaign ‘Live Below the Line’ challenges Canadians to eat and drink on $1.75/day for five days while raising money for organizations that tackle extreme poverty issues. Fable Kitchen chef Trevor Bird makes 2 meals, each priced under $2.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Behind the scenes at the Wildlife Rescue Association’s Care Centre
6:40 – They successfully cleaned two oiled ducks following the oil spill in English Bay. Ahead of their EarthFest Nature Festival and Open House, we go behind the scenes at the Wildlife Rescue Association’s Care Centre.

Thor’s Hammers
7:40 – Thor reviews the sci-fi thriller ‘Ex Machina’ (Mah-kin-ah) and Blake Lively’s romantic drama ‘The Age of Adaline’.

Game 5: The Morning After
8:10 – Kirk McLean joins us with the highlights of Game 5, Canucks versus the Flames.

Indulge in Whistler
8:20 – We find out why May is the best month to eat, sleep & relax in Whistler at great prices!

Al Madrigal
8:45 – He’s a frequent contributor to ‘The Daily Show’ and you’ve seen him on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ – we welcome comedian Al Madrigal.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Out in the Field with the Vancouver Avian Research Team
6:40 – We tell you the easiest and best way to attract birds to your garden (and it isn’t a bird feeder) and other ways you can help them when we go out in the field with the Vancouver Avian Research team.

Colon Cancer Survivor
7:40 – Push for your Tush Walk! Legendary BC Lion and colon cancer survivor Lui Passaglia joins us in studio to raise awareness of Colon Cancer.

What to feed your hockey fans!
8:40 -Hosting a playoff viewing party? Make it about the hockey and the food. Chef David Robertson whips up some of his favourite, easy appies.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Officiating 101
~6:40 – Whether you have always wondered what it takes to become an official or you have been watching the playoffs and want to learn more about the rules of ice hockey, we get an officiating 101.

Kirk McLean
~7:40 -The morning after Game 4 between the Vancouver Canucks and the Calgary Flames. We get playoff analysis from Captain Kirk!

O.W.L Open House: Meet the birds!
~8:20 -Every year, the Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society looks after some 400 birds of prey. We meet three of its feathered residents, ahead of this weekend’s fundraiser and open house.

What Makes You Happy?
~8:40 -On the heels of a happiness survey that finds people in Vancouver to be the least content in the country, the man behind ‘The Happy Show’ opening soon at the Museum of Vancouver, reveals how to create more happiness in your life.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Good morning from ‪#‎BTinDisney‬! We’re live from Walt Disney World for ‪#‎BT25‬.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Good morning from ‪#‎BTinDisney‬! We’re live from Walt Disney World for ‪#‎BT25‬.

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