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Show Notes

Wednesday November 5, 2014

City Votes
In the lead up to BC’s municipal elections, we continue our City Votes series. Tomorrow we look at the contenders and the issues in the city of Burnaby.

Proali Goalie Training
6:40 – What is a “butterfly slide” and a “shuffle”? Find out when we get geared up and join a Proali Goalie Training session.

Beat The Winter Blues
8:20 – It’s comfort food season but you still need your green! Health expert Sherry Torkos showcases some healthy ways to beat to beat the winter blues.

Accessories for a good night’s sleep
8:40 -On cue with turning back the clocks, Chatelaine style expert Susie Wall brings us the stylish must haves that can support a good night’s sleep.

Tuesday November 4, 2014

CircusFest – Vancouver’s First Ever Circus Arts Festival
6:40 – From juggling to hula hoops and everything in between, Dawn gets a chance to show off her circus arts skills when she gets a preview of CircusFest – Vancouver’s first ever Circus Arts festival.

AOTW Casey Wright
7:40 -There is a pretty special 14 year old in Maple Ridge. They call him the “Comeback Kid” and you are about to see why. Casey Wright is our Athlete of the Week.

Top Financial Myths that end up costing you Money
8:20 -What you may not know about insurance, your credit rating and your rights as a consumer – that could save you a bundle. Bankruptcy trustee Blair Mantin arms us with his best tips.

Gourmet S’Mores
8:40 – The Marshmallow Craftsman uses 6 flavours of marshmallows to make 6 decadent s’mores treats sophisticated enough to serve your dinner guests as dessert. Plus, he’s raising money & awareness for Crohn’s and Colitis.

Monday November 3, 2014

Lesley Stowe, Vancouver chef, restaurateur and creator of the Raincoast Crisps, shows us how to prepare some of the dishes from her latest cookbook “Desserts From My Kitchen” – from her kitchen.

Flu Prevention Tips
7:40 -How to boost your immunity and protect yourself ahead of what’s expected to be a nasty flu season. Health expert Bryce Wylde brings his trusty medicine cabinet loaded with his favourite prevention and treatment remedies.

8:20 -This is the month dedicated to raising awareness around men’s health. Scientist Dr Ralph Buttyan shares the important progress his team has made in prostate cancer research, thanks to the money you raise.

Jason Priestley
8:45 – Actor and director Jason Priestley visits BT to chat Clean Water Campaign and his guest role on ‘Package Deal’.

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