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Monday, November 23rd 2015

7:20am Turn Brrrs Into Purrs:  To help bring cats in from the cold, the BC SPCA has cut its adult cat adoption fees by 50% until the end of November.  We head to the Vancouver SPCA to introduce you to some of the 1,400 felines in their care across the province, waiting for a forever home.

7:40am Nigella Lawson:  Celebrity chef Nigella Lawson shares her secret to lazy ice cream making when she shows us how to prepare her no-churn brandied pumpkin ice cream.



8:20am Jay Onrait in the house! Canadian Sportscaster Jay Onrait is LIVE on the BT couch to chat about his new book ‘Number Two.’

8:60am Lord’s Shoes: How to keep your tootsie warm. It’s all about the boots and the booties ahead of this holiday season.

8:50 St. Nick’s Picks: BT and the Yaletown B-I-A want to give you a chance to win a custom rug ($500 value) courtesy of GQ Flooring!