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BT Vancouver | posted Monday, Apr 13th, 2015

Chocolate chip cookies were one of my favorite childhood snacks. Truth be told, I always liked eating the dough better than eating the cookies after they were baked. Now I can have my dough and eat it, too!

1/2 cup (71 g) almonds
1/2 cup (40 g) shredded coconut
1 cup (137 g) cashews
2/3 cup (120 g) well-packed dates, chopped
2 teaspoons (10 ml) vanilla extract
1/8 teaspoon Himalayan salt
1 to 1/4 cups (175 to 219 g) dark chocolate chunks

Yield 28 mini cookies

Grind the almonds and coconut in a food processor until finely ground. Add the cashews and grind again briefly. Add the dates, vanilla, and salt. Process until they are fully incorporated. Transfer to a bowl and stir in the chocolate chunks. Use a mini ice cream scoop to make balls. Transfer them to a parchment paper–lined tray. Chill in the fridge for at least 4 hours.