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Take a look at some of the events happening in and around Vancouver!

2019-Your Year of Extraordinary Change

Sat, Mar 9

1489 McRae Ave, Vancouver, BC V6H 1T7, Canada map

If you’re readyfor change, this workshop will ignite the spark for you!

This is theopportunity to re-connect with yourself and your deepest desires, andconsciously create your life joyfully and easily. Please join us!

This event isfor you if you’re ready to:
-Get clear on what YOU value and desire most
-Learn to get out of your own way, and open up to all the opportunities ALREADYhappening for you
-Embrace uncertainty as the space of ALL possibility
-Learn advanced tools of manifestation, to DRAW IN your life, and MAGNETIZEmore opportunities, rather than constantly chasing after them
-Gain clarity and confidence on the next steps you WILL take towards livingyour most extraordinary life
-Live a life full of JOY, EASE, FLOW and ABUNDANCE

Tickets include lunch and a swag bag!

Sing Shalom!

Sun, Mar 10

11051 No 3 Rd, Richmond, BC V7A 1X3, Canada map

No matter whatyour faith, creed or background, song is a part of every celebration andoccasion and this is no less true for people of the Jewish tradition. In thisconcert, the Richmond Chorus explores the wealth of Jewish music from thewriting of Renaissance composer Salamone Rossi in the early 17th centurythrough to more contemporary works. The Richmond Chorus is joined bymezzo-soprano Fabiana Katz for a performance of the beautiful and veryaccessible In the Beginning by Aaron Copland, a telling of the Genesis story ofcreation. We also explore music outside the synagogue, with Eric Whitacre’sFive Hebrew Love Songs, as well as a variety of music from the folk songtradition, ending with Naomi Shemer’s classic Yershalayim Shel Zahav.

Website Event Page: https://www.roca.ca/roca-concert-season/2019/03/10/sing-shalom
Ticket Link: https://www.vtixonline.com/richmond-orchestra-and-chorus/1178/
Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/925396594313963/

Earth Vespers: Music for the Living Planet

Sun, Mar 10

4595 W 8th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6R 2A4, Canada map

Earth Vespersis a musical service in celebration of the beauty of Mother Earth, compassionfor all who live here, and the interconnectedness of Life.
With folk ballads, saxophone sing-alongs, a cappella anthems and reverentialhymns, many genres of music are woven with inspiring readings in this mindful,heart-filled celebration of gratitude for the miracle of Life on Mother Earth.
Whatever our faiths, cultures, nationalities, and ethnicities, all humans sharethe Earth, our only home. This home and the living beings upon it — includingmany human communities and cultures — are in peril. As citizens of the Earth,we have the opportunity and the responsibility to respond to the condition ofour world with love, compassion, understanding, and the deep knowledge thatanother way is possible and that we can contribute to it.

With the universal language of music, the EarthVespers program inspires those of all faiths in a common reverence andcelebration of the living world of which we are a part. Through the lens of ourshared relationship to life on this planet, we can see above and beyonddifferences in creed and belief, and come together in dedicated service onbehalf of all of Life

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