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DanceHouse: Dança Sinfônica & Gira

Fri, Feb 28 - Sat, Feb 29

DanceHouse proudly presents an energizing,two-part program from Brazil’s iconic contemporary dance company Grupo Corpowith the Vancouver premiere of Dança Sinfônica and Gira, February 28 & 29,2020 at 8pm at the Vancouver Playhouse. In the company’s third presentationwith DanceHouse, Grupo Corpo’s visionary siblings — Artistic Director PauloPederneiras and Choreographer Rodrigo Pederneiras — open the evening with DançaSinfônica, a reflection of its 40-year history. The electrifying work drawsupon an eclectic fusion of ballet, samba, jazz, Afro-Brazilian rhythms andmore, in a jubilant synthesis of the juggernaut’s signature vocabulary ofmovement. The second half of the program will showcase the brothers’ rivetingwork Gira, exploring the rituals of Umbanda — one of Brazil’s most widespreadreligions — in a carnal meditation on humanity’s pursuit for divineenlightenment.

Tickets from $35 and more information available at dancehouse.ca or by calling604.801.6225.