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Elinor Frey, baroque cello – A Month of Tuesdays

Tue, Apr 30

2321 Main St, Vancouver, BC V5T 3C9, Canada map

Fascinated both bythe cello’s origins and the creative process of new music, Fulbright ScholarElinor Frey performs with an honest and reflective beauty. Trained at McGill,Mannes, and Juilliard, she brilliantly layers sound and tempo with impressivetechnicality, and her Music on Main programme connects music across the ages.

J.S Bach’s Cello Suites are cathedrals of sound, inspiring music lovers aroundthe world. Along with the beloved C Minor Suite and the gorgeous Partita in DMinor, Elinor also brings to the stage new works for baroque cello commissionedfrom three remarkable composers; Ricercar by Linda Catlin Smith, Minerva byLisa Streich, and Chimera by Ken Ueno. This concert is a manifestation of thecaptivating beauty of solo cello interpreted by a stunning musician.