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Budget Breakers

Tue, Apr 23

6100 Willingdon Ave, Burnaby, BC V5H 4N5, Canada map

Do you struggle whenyou get a huge car repair bill? Is it difficult to find funds to pay for asudden illness in the family?

Join the Library and the Credit Counselling Society to learn about the 3biggest budget breakers (the little expenses, the irregular expenses, and theemergency expenses) and strategies to eliminate them from everyday worry.

Gain skills you probably didn’t learn in school, but will use for the rest ofyour life!

This interactive and fun workshop is 90 minutes! We take a “grab andgo” approach – grab an idea or two and go try it. All participants willwalk away with ideas and resources.

Please register by phone at: 604-436-5400, in-person, or online.