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Movie Review: Godzilla

Thor Diakow | posted Thursday, May 15th, 2014



4/5 Hammers


Starring Bryan Cranston, Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Directed by Gareth Edwards

It’s been 60 years since our favourite radioactive behemoth emerged from the Pacific Ocean and laid waste to Tokyo.  Gareth Edwards’ supersized reboot of Godzilla boasts a big budget and dazzling CGI with plenty of human drama to spare.  The results are sometimes breathtaking, even when talented actors are spewing trite dialogue in stock character roles.  Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston leads the way as a physicist who is convinced the death of his wife (an underused Juliette Binoche) in a Japanese nuclear power plant 15 years ago was caused by something far more menacing than a meltdown.  It turns out he’s right; radiation munching mutants have emerged from the depths to wreak havoc on mankind and only one thing can stop them.  Cities are once again damaged but with a surprising amount of restraint.  The film’s refreshing spin of utilizing the iconic beast as something that seeks to restore the balance of nature instead of malevolence-fueled destruction is one of the many highlights.  Edwards also cheekily teases the monster throughout the movie, a tension-building exercise absent from many of today’s blockbusters, holding off the full reveal until the viewer is practically begging for a showdown.  Once the gargantuan reptile does show up he also manages to showcase a surprising amount of personality, a testament to the visual effects wizards on the production team.  The film leaves the door wide open for more adventures with the lovable lizard and, after this rousing romp, audiences are sure to shout “BRING IT ON!” 

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