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Show Notes

Monday, July 17th 2017

8:20am Bicycle storage on the go! Your bike can be so much more than a means of getting from A to B. From groceries to workout gear, the pros at HUB Cycling show us just what your two-wheeler can haul.


8:40am Serve these smashing summer wines just like a Sommelier:  How to get the temperature and glassware JUST right and why a little fussing makes all the difference.


Friday, July 14th 2017

7:40 Thor’s Hammers: It’s poised to be one of Hollywood’s best trilogies yet – Thor drops the Hammers on the third installment of the rebooted sci-fi series in ‘War for the Planet of the Apes’.


8:20 How to plan a romantic trip: From the most romantic things you can do in Paris, how to make any trip more romantic and get off the beaten path, Travel Writer Lily La Tigresse heats things up.


8:40 Vancouver Pro Beach Volleyball Open: Get set! The Vancouver Pro Beach Volleyball Open has arrived at Kits Beach. Olympians, Blair Bank & Steven Marshall have a preview!


Thursday, July 13th 2017

8:20am BBQ Sides – How To Make The Perfect Cornbread: Just the meat? Meal’s incomplete!  BBQ Master Angie Quaale shows us how to complete the meal with the perfect cornbread and other fabulous BBQ side dishes.


8:40am Heat-Loving Plants: Got a sun-drenched garden or patio?  Wondering which plants can take the heat? Garden expert Brian Minter joins us with his best picks of colourful, exciting, heat-loving plants!

Wednesday, July 12th 2017

7:40am  What Does A Key Interest Rate Increase Mean For Your Mortgage? The Bank of Canada has raised its interest rate for the first time in 7 years.  What will that mean to your mortgage, housing prices?

8:20am Whale Sanctuary Project:  It is described as a new, more humane model for the long-term care of cetaceans.  Neuroscientist and researcher Dr. Lori Marino joins us to discuss the Whale Sanctuary Project.

8:40am The Nation’s Cup:  We meet Nation’s Cup players representing India, Italy, Japan and Scotland plus your chance to win 2 tickets to Whitecaps FC vs. Houston Dynamo & 2 Whitecaps Jerseys.

Tuesday, July 11th 2017

8:20 am Bees Are Buzzing On BT!  We take you inside a bee hive, get a honeybee health update and find out what you can do to help when Honeybee Centre joins us in studio.


 8:40am Tips On Canning Preserves: Take advantage of all of B.C.’s delicious fruit when we get great tips on canning.


Monday, July 10th 2017

8:20am Cycling Tips For Every Level:  Inspired by BC Superweek, we’ve asked a Top Cycling Coach to share tips that will help everyone from indoor cyclists to weekend warriors.

8:40am Emotional Intelligence: Why is it so important? It is often considered more important to success than cognitive intelligence.  What is emotional intelligence? What are some of the signs?  We find out when Dr. Shimi Kang joins us in studio.

Friday, July 7th 2017

6:15am Two Kilometres To Terror: Avery Haines first-hand account of the destruction and devastation by ISIS in Iraq.


7:40am Thor’s Hammers:  It’s web-slingin’ reboot time once again! Thor drops the Hammers on the latest superhero flick Spider-Man: Homecoming.


8:20am The Calgary Stampede:  We’ll take you live to Cow-Town for the opening day kickoff of the Calgary Stampede.


8:40 Train like a celebrity! The top moves the rich and famous practice for fit, toned bodies. Celebrity trainers Shawn Booth and Erin Oprea show us how Carrie Underwood gets those famous legs. Plus, the great reason they’re in town with former Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe


Thursday, July 6th 2017

8:20am How To Take Better Photos Using Your Smart Phone:  Photographer John Lehmann shares his best tips and apps that will help you take better smart phone photos.


8:40am How To Make Sure Your Body Is Always Moving:  He ran 50 marathons in 50 days.  Ultra Marathon Runner Dean Karnazes shares his best tips on how to change your mindset and help beginners get their bodies moving and reach for higher goals.


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