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Remote Control

Thu, Feb 15 - Thu, Mar 22

32315 S Fraser Way, Abbotsford, BC V2T 1X1, Canada map

– Remote Control –
Two Act Comedy: A spoof about fake news broadcasting
The story of the corporate takeover is a common theme in today’s headlines. Sometimes it is a little firm taking over a larger competitor or two giants merging into a new super corporation but more commonly it is an existing corporate empire that is expanding into a new territory swallowing up local businesses. What if the locals don’t want to be swallowed up and they find that they have the skills to resist and maybe even stop the takeover?
This becomes the premise for Remote Control, a two act multimedia comedy production, using live actors, music videos, prerecorded segments and some cartoon style costume performances. The story is set in modern day near the turn of the century.
A corrupt New York broadcasting company, Lancaster Broadcasting, is expanding their empire into Canada. They have put in an offer to purchase the Scott Network, in the western provinces, which must be approved by Canadian regulators. Lancaster plans on stripping the Scott Network which also means shutting down all of the local community television stations. Six resolute and technically savvy souls at Peppercorn Community Television on an island in the Strait of Georgia, British Columbia find out and vow to hoax, spoof and lambaste their new head office in what ever way they can. The Peppercorn Crew has also developed a C.G.I. (Computer Generated Intellect) ‘Darwin’ who now takes their efforts in a whole new direction. The mystery begins as now the audience must figure out who is spoofing whom.